Some news gives evidence that the Las Vegas Sniper, Stephen Paddock, was actually framed, instead of the real sniper, the wrong dude used at the right time.

The author of the massacre was Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man who, with the use of as many as 23 firearms in all, including several assault rifles, fired into the crowd from two windows on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. At the end of the shooting, Paddock took his life with a pistol shot inside the room where he was.
According to the police, the fact that Paddock had procured such an arsenal and that he had chosen a perfect location from the hotel to fire on the crowd shows that his was a premeditated and well-studied gesture. However the motive for this action remains unknown at the moment.

The versions of Wikipedia, Italian and English, differ.

The local gun owner community has never seen him in any of the gun clubs or shooting ranges, including those in the nearby desert.
During his last months, Paddock, according to witnesses, stank of alcohol from early morning, [29] [46] and appeared discouraged. [29] He was reported to have filled three prescriptions for an anti-anxiety drug, and Valium, in 2013 [28] and again in 2016, and finally 50 tablets of 10 milligrams each in June 2017, four months before shooting. [47] The chief medical officer of the Las Vegas Recovery Center said the effects of the drug can be amplified by alcohol, [47] as confirmed by Dr. Michael First, professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University

Wikipedia Italian lied, Paddock was a drinker, and this will help to understand what will follow.

The intent of the Deep State is to create a modification of the law on the Port of Arms in the United States, effectively making the defense of citizens in a Society where the Criminal Gangs find no legal or military obstacle to walk armed to the teeth . But in this situation the Deep state has little to do with it. They just used the same shit for propaganda.

FOX5Vegas News:

(CNN) – Since their loved ones were killed in filming Las Vegas in October 2017, the families of the 58 people who died faced a difficult decision: the shooter’s weapons will be sold and the proceeds will be distributed to the families? Or should weapons be destroyed?

Now an anonymous donor has donated $ 62,500 to ensure that the weapons owned by the shooter, Stephen Paddock, are destroyed, according to a lawyer for a court-appointed administrator who manages the shooter’s property. The collection as a whole was valued at around $ 62,300.

Alice Denton, the attorney for Stephen Paddock’s special administrator, confirmed to CNN that the money was deposited in her trust account.

But the special administrator – drawn from a court judge after Paddock’s mother surrendered his son’s property to his victims – needs court approval for anything to do with the estate, Denton said, including potential destruction of weapons.

He said he expects a hearing before a succession judge in early March.

The donor contacted the New York Times, Denton told CNN, which put him in touch with Denton in early January. The donor – whom the Times described as a “San Francisco software executive” – ​​told the newspaper that he simply wanted to “relieve some of the pain” for the families of the victims. His only condition for the money was that the weapons be destroyed, according to the Times.

“I think families would feel better if the weapons disappeared,” he said.

But if the judge does not allow the weapons to be destroyed, the money will be returned to the donor, said Denton, who described him only as a “very compassionate person”.

The fate of Paddock’s weapons has remained a looming question, an almost unprecedented one, said Denton.

I don’t think there have been more than 1 or 2 lawyers in the United States who have dealt with a position like this,” he said. “Very rarely do you find a mass murderer with such massive resources“.

Only with the imagination of some science fiction writer, would we find in some dystopian or minor tale, a character who drinks, plays cards, lives in a camper van and buys sophisticated and quality weapons – storing them in a luxury hotel room, but especially dragging them into the room of a very expensive Hotel without CCTV surveillance footage, or housekeepers hired by a luxury hotel in Las Vegas could not notice a war-kind of arsenal? But above all else, given his age, 64 years old, “the dude is a perfect shot”. You see him in the pictures, he perfectly fits the description of a sports man and a sniper with hawk eyes, a steady drinker’s hand and a heavy smoker. Seems to make for an excellent sniper.

When he opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Paddock had amassed a collection of at least 47 precision rifles of various sizes and power.

47 mixed rifles, hunting, war, precision. A true enthusiast. They also have discovered where he tried his weapons, from whom he bought them, when, and the reason for the accumulation of these 47 weapons.

All things that came out. Only becauseno one has ever read about these things.

One option is to put up the weapons, but it could be fraught with unintended consequences.

Like the pain of families that obscure the only and best decision to make: weapons must not be destroyed because they are physical proof.

Of course, the only pain will be perpetuated then, and that’s when the CIA will reuse those weapons in another false flag, secret operation.

But not all victims’ families want their weapons destroyed.

Rick Friedman, a lawyer who represents the family of another shooting victim, tells CNN that they do not want to destroy the weapons used in the attack. The family is considering litigation against the manufacturers of rifles used in the shooting and says they should be kept as evidence.

Finally from the people who are thinking clearly.
I repeat: Those Weapons are proof. They must not be destroyed.

“The family doesn’t care about the guns that weren’t used during the shooting and that were destroyed,” Friedman told CNN, “… but the weapons that were used in the shooting must be kept until all the issues legal will not be finished “.

It is not clear how exactly the weapons would be destroyed. According to Denton, the FBI in Las Vegas currently owns it. “In general, any agency that has arms control would be the one that will see to their eventual destruction,” Denton said, but it is too early to tell whether the FBI would be the agency with this charge.

But it’s not over.

Remember when President Donald J Trump visited Saudi Arabia in May 2017 and how he was warmly welcomed by King Salman?

It was a real big bang show. But why was he welcomed so warmly?

After all, the acceptance of President Obama was much less grandiose and shining. Obama didn’t even get a cool sword.

Shortly after Trump’s visit, Saudi Arabia began to be more open on domestic and foreign policies.

Women can now drive. ISIS has lost considerable ground on their dirty feet, and Saudi Arabia suddenly gave the go ahead to list its oil companies on the NYSE. Also, hatred against Iran has risen exponentially at all levels, thanks to their treacherous propaganda. I remind the readers, Saudi also controls a good percentage of Worldwide International Press.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has always relied heavily on its vast gas reserves for wealth and prosperity, and it has done so in a ruthless manner.
You can’t count the number of times throughout history when OPEC has used its power to crush governments, manipulate prices, control supplies and finance the dark activities of the Sunni sheiks.
If there had ever been an international group of snakes then OPEC was one, and at the head of this organization was just one member, the powerful KSA.
At one point in history hydraulic fracking came into this world and suddenly the rattlesnake OPEC became a little more nervous and humble: the price of their oil has gone to a minimum in recent decades.
If the fracking would be eradicated then this snake would have been able to raise its head again.

Between 2013 and 2017, the price of oil collapsed at fuel pumps and became steadily economic. Rumors in the media that deemed fracking as harmful to the environment have begun to follow one another in a pressing manner over worldwide media.

The Democratic Party was funded by the Saudis for the sole purpose of ending fracking at all costs, making it illegal. This was the main goal of these descendants of camel piss drinkers.

Apparently an easy game: since everyone knows that the sinister Left is always up in its contradictions to support environmental legislation (see Greta Thunberg’s case ). In fact, a huge number of legal battles against the fracking industry have been under way for some time and many states have had to declare it illegal.

But Hillary Clinton lost the elections in 2016, despite the huge funds given to her by the Saudi Realm.

The motto #AmericaFirst threw the Saudis into utter despair.
However, if you can’t win in the short term then you can plan something for the long term, like to build up an entire industrial country from scratch. Hence King Salman hoped to keep the economy of his country competitive and adamantly strong despite lower revenue from selling just oil.

That’s why Trump was welcomed in glory.

The May 2017 meeting between Trump and King Salman (and his son Mohammad Bin Salman) was actually a business meeting, about projects and investments, in which King Salman, with their hands on a pongball, asked warmly for Trump’s help in the above.

When you make a certain standard of living, just thinking that you are no longer able to live without it, when things go a little awry,  it makes you “weak“.

Trump was more than willing to assist (it was how to get the list of the oil companies on the NYSE) but his help would have a high price: liberalization of customs and end of illegal financing of terrorism. No more contributions to American politics. No more funds for terrorists or pressure groups on media.

And King Salman accepted the agreement: women were allowed to drive, ISIS began to be defeated and Syria, a historic ally of the Kremlin ended up being strangled by other neighboring states, such as Turkey and Israel.

But this agreement actually made the Noble Aristocratic millionaires of the Saudi Court lose a lot of power and their discontent began to be palpable conspiracies and plots against Salman spread like wildfires in a California forest.

The Salman Realm House thus began the so called  Great Purge (2017-2019).

The humiliation of the deputy crown princes after King Salman accused them of corruption.

The first to die was the son of deputy crown prince Muqrin, Mansour, killed in a “helicopter accident” in May 2017. We know that was no accident.

Coup d’Etat during Las Vegas Shooting

The top floors of Mandalay Bay do not belong to the Mandalay Bay, but actually to the Four Seasons, owned by billionaire, now Ex, Crown Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal,

and the whole floor was occupied that night. Reserved from a week prior. By who? Who could pay such a cost like that, that easily,  if not a Saudi Prince?

The Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman was in Las Vegas on October 1st 2017 .

Video Evidence :

Bin Salman hastily escorted out of the Tropicana on the evening of October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas.

King Salman was in Russia at the time, so what better opportunity to overthrow a monarchy .
Father and Son abroad, and possibly a son returning in a coffin.
With the crown prince dead, former deputy crown prince Muqrin would become king after Salman.

That someone who fired into the crowd outside the Hotel was actually part of a team of death agents who were there for the sole purpose of killing Prince Mohammad Bin Salman .

That’s why all those weapons were found. They didn’t serve an old drunk American man, but they were there to kill Bin Salman and his escort team.
Just above Stephen Paddock’s suite there is the Four Seasons Hotel, and we remember, owned by billionaire Ex Crown Prince Al Waleed Talal.
Stephen Paddock is the contact man to supply weapons clandestinely, and he is also the wrong man in the right place.

The reason for the barricade is due to the fact that once the assault started, the killers wanted to make sure that they prevented the authorities from reaching the upper floors as much as possible.

The CIA learned of the mass shooting that was taking place in proximity of M.b.S. location and immediate actions were taken in order to capture the killers and cover every trace of their passage.

But having chances not likely to happen, Bin Salman that evening , dressed like a normal guy, had moved away from Mandalay and was at the Tropicana Casino playing cards. Hence he was  able to be immediately “extracted” from there with a lot of agents on assault suits as soon as the secret services were aware of what was about to happen.

End of the hidden story… Or almost…

The coup d’état will fail, and the assassins will draw up a plan: they will kill Paddock and start shooting at the crowd below to increase time for the remaining cells to escape once their plan was going to be countered overtaken: instantaneously they will make Paddock look like a lone crazy Killer, it was going to be a common mass shooting like all the others,  the usual routine. They would kill Paddock, break a window, and then another, collect the guns and start shooting at the crowd below. At least two of them. They will create chaos. Not a coup just a mass shooting.

The assassins shoot and shoot, hoping to hit even the convoy that was escorting Bin Salman. But the SWAT Police team was already behind their door, and fired.
After the raid and they will find 3 bodies, one will be that of Paddock.
They will remove the 2 bodies, the real killers, will take a picture of Paddock’s corpse and will release it on 4chan to consolidate their narrative.
Paddock was an illegal arms merchant who was also recruited by the secret services to supply their assassins with weapons, only that this time the killers to be supplied were not exactly the right ones.

The following month Prince M.b.S. could begin to feel himself like the new King ,

While the ex prince Al Waleed Bin Talal, promoter of the Coup d’etat, was apparently arrested for corruption.

This is a great story, with a true and disturbing background, just revealed in order to explain how Americans and Saudis play on the chessboard of oil and have unleashed, and continue to destabilize, war and death, and dark politics in the Middle East and in the World.