Can the word negro be used to refer to individuals of color? The answer is yes.
It is not prohibited by law, it is a scientific term and used for centuries. But are there any differences? According to some judges, yes. According to the politically correct Marxists yes. In our opinion the difference exists but it is absolutely not the one advocated by the Cultural Marxism.

Writing or describing someone as a nigger is not an insult or racial discrimination.
The Supreme Court has condemned for insult aggravated by the racial discrimination of whites for having labeled Negroes as niggers since they had added the adjective “dirty” to the obvious scientific label. Let’s now take pretend that a Negro instead uses the expression: “Dirty White”, what would the judges do? Would they condemn a Negro who pronounced it labeling a white man?
I await this instance with lively and vibrant trepidation.

In any case, it is a scientific term, and used in Italian and foreign literature for centuries:

And there will never exist any appropriate laws designed to make us desist from using this term.

However, although many remain amazed, I make the difference between a black man and a negro.
Black, for example, is an individual as Malcolm X, or Denzel Washington, civilized people who have redeemed with their exemplary behavior every element of savagery, criminal and uncivilized, that others of their kind on the contrary did not.

Malcolm X in particular is a noteworthy and admirable character in this situation because from what can be learned from his teachings and life lessons he thought exactly as what has been described so far, in fact he said:

We had the best organization a black man’s ever had. Niggers ruined it.

Furthermore, as previously written, Malcolm X was in favor of Black Nationalism, considering blacks in America not Americans but Africans.

Malcolm X strongly wanted company based on race, and if the Gods created us differently, there is a fundamental reason why they chose this choice. Leopards do not mate with tigers, lions do not mate with wolves, etc.

Societies with uniform races can live and cooperate very well with other companies other than their own, but mixing two different things for History, Identity and Science has led and will never be able to lead to ever increasing problems and catastrophes. Golda Meir, legendary Israeli prime minister, thought exactly that, defining the crossbreeding of the most dangerous races of the Holocaust:

Even the black minister a recent Italian government has used and sanctioned by law the legitimate use of the word negro. A beauty.
Also, take, for example, the musical genre of the American Rap, also copied by certain fake whites. A kind of extreme process, but I challenge anyone not to find the word “nigro”, “nigga” or “negroes”, in at least 89% of the lyrics of these songs, that is, the same Negroes use this word to label themselves.

But then, eventually, they accuse the whites of racism and so on to the choruses and the devastation promoted by Black Lives Matter, a purely terrorist organization that in recent years in the United States lights up bonfires, lynchings and looting whenever the police, for reasons of service and law, he had to defend society against dangerous, or presumed criminals. What the mass media does not tell, however, is that the police always open fire for the same reasons, service and law, even on whites, killing them, but no mass protest whatsoever arises in this case. The Marxists, the cucks and the sinister leftists will object with the foam at the mouth that the Whites are victims in small percentages compared to the Negroes, those poor bastards. The Whites are victims of the police in clearly inferior cases since the same whites who commit criminal acts, or presumed such, represent a very small percentage compared to that of the Negroes.