Could Arthur Clarke, one of the most representative Sci-Fi Writer of XX century, be linked to White Genocide in South Africa by reading in his most known trilogy some of his riveting predictions about Earth?


Sir Arthur Charles Clarke CBE FRAS (December 16, 1917 – March 19, 2008) was a British science fiction writer, science writer and futurist, [3] inventor, submarine explorer and television series host.

He is famous for being the co-author of the screenplay for the 2001 film: A Space Odyssey, considered one of the most influential films of all time. [4] [5]

Clarke was a science writer, who was both an avid space travel writer and a futurist with mysterious abilities. On these topics he has written over a dozen books and many essays, which have appeared in various popular magazines. In 1961 he was awarded the Kalinga Prize, a prize awarded by UNESCO for scientific dissemination. These along with his science fiction writings eventually earned him the nickname “Prophet of the Space Age“. [6] His other science fiction writings earned him a number of Hugo and Nebula awards, which together with a wide audience made him one of the most impressive figures in science fiction. For many years Clarke, Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov were known as the “Big Three” of science fiction. [7]

Clarke was always a supporter of space travel. In 1934, still a teenager, he joined the British Interplanetary Society. In 1945 he proposed a satellite communication system using geostationary orbits [8]. He was president of the British Interplanetary Society from 1946 to 1947 and again in 1951-53. [9]

Clarke emigrated from England to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) in 1956, mainly to pursue his interest in scuba diving. [10] That year he discovered the underwater ruins of the ancient temple of Koneswaram in Trincomalee. Clarke increased his fame in the 1980s, when he hosted numerous television shows such as Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World. He lived in Sri Lanka until his death. [11]

Clarke was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1989 “for services to British cultural interests in Sri Lanka”. [12] He was knighted in 1998 [13] [14] and was awarded the highest civilian honor in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankabhimanya, in 2005. [15]

Like Stephen Hawking, Clarke was a staunch White Supremacist.

In 1968 during a 2001 A Space Odyssey behind the curtain: One of the primitive men in the opening scene of the film tightens Floyd’s grip before Kubrick decided he wanted something even more primitive and less evolved for that scene.

In the following, or third volume of the 2010 Space Odyssey: Odyssey Two, or 2061: Odyssey Three, published in 1987 in the critical phase of South African Apartheid, Arthur Clarke had foreseen the following (Warning Spoiler) :

The initial chapters of 2061 gradually explain the events that occurred in the intermediate years. The new Sun, nicknamed ‘Lucifer’, has transformed the moons of the former Jupiter: Io has become a volcanic hell, Europe an oceanic world shrouded in clouds, and Ganimede a temperate world that the human race is colonizing. Large-scale interplanetary travel is now commercially viable with fusion powered spacecraft with catalyzed muons. But humanity is cautious about sending space vehicles near Europe, despite its fascinating mysteries, including the appearance of a large mountain, nicknamed “Mount Zeus”, on its surface. On Earth, a period of relative peace has evolved between the United States, the Soviet Union and China, although a violent revolution has taken place in South Africa (now the United States of Southern Africa or USSA): the white population has fled to ‘Europe, bringing with it most of the country’s wealth and leaving the black population to rebuild the economy, which they did in a few weeks thanks to the country’s diamond mines. [note 1]

The white population has not yet completely escaped, nor, fortunately, completely decimated. The whites will not be able to take away any wealth from the Nation that their ancestors built for them, except their own lives and hopefully having their chances in order to accomplish this, actually their lands are now confiscated without compensation.

Even Clarke’s imagination and acute futurism could not overcome the reality of the events occurring in the modern post-1945 and post-2001 world, just to stay on the subject …

However, Clarke had foreseen that coexistence between blacks and whites in South Africa was not possible.

He wrote and then he clearly thought, that the whites had left the country, and that the blacks had remained to govern it in their own.

In his prediction, positive or negative, he also gave credit to blacks, stating, albeit among the lines of a science fiction novel, that blacks would recover economically and socially.

Clarke would never have believed, like those of his generation, that the whites would have been reduced not only to a minority, but that their infrastructures, their technology, their progress as a whole, would had gone down the drain for the dangerous heterogeneous mixture resulting from the multicultural and globalist poisoning.

When Reality overcomes, and for the worse, every best, positive or negative human fantasy.