Now See The True Face of the Living American and Worldwide Darkness, these evil spirits, demons, degenerates, divide and conquer like Shadows overwhelming the American Night…

#Pizzagate is real.

It does exist, a depraved and perverted sick underworld of pedophiles. A ring composed by notorious people of Finance, Politics, Art, Music, Cinema and Entertainment in general.

These have shared connections, same interests, visit the same places, have the same taste in choosing their closer circle of friends and workers.
They have all a double life, and under the surface of what you see on Television and in Movies flows authentic evil satanic blood gushing from poor young innocent children and adolescents.

Marina Abramovic

Using excuses like Art Exhibitions, Marina Abramovic performs the most degenerate and satanic shows in western countries.


Abramović had proposed some solo performances during her career that never were performed. One proposal was titled “Come to Wash with Me”. This performance would take place in a gallery space that was to be transformed into a laundry with sinks placed all around the walls of the gallery. The public would enter the space and be asked to take off all of their clothes and give them to Abramović. The individuals would then wait around as she would wash, dry and iron their clothes for them, and once she was done, she would give them back their clothing, and they could get dressed and then leave. She proposed this in 1969 for the Galerija Doma Omladine in Belgrade. The proposal was refused.

In 1970 she proposed a similar idea to the same gallery that was also refused. The piece was untitled. Abramović would stand in front of the public dressed in her regular clothing. Present on the side of the stage was a clothes rack adorned with clothing that her mother wanted her to wear. She would take the clothing one by one and change into them, then stand to face the public for a while. “From the right pocket of my skirt I take a gun. From the left pocket of my skirt I take a bullet. I put the bullet into the chamber and turn it. I place the gun to my temple. I pull the trigger.” The performance had two possible outcomes.[64]

The list of Mother’s clothes included:

Heavy brown pin for the hair
White cotton blouse with red dots
Light pink bra – 2 sizes too big
Dark pink heavy flannel slip – three sizes too big
Dark blue skirt – mid-calf
Skin colour heavy synthetic stockings
Heavy orthopaedic shoes with laces
Abramović sparked controversy in August 2016 when passages from an early draft of her memoir were released, in which—based on notes from her 1979 initial encounter with Aboriginal Australians—she compared them to dinosaurs and observed that “they have big torsos.
Among a tranche of emails stolen from John Podesta and published by WikiLeaks in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election was a message from Abramović to Podesta’s brother discussing an invitation to a spirit cooking.

Abramovic uses for her disgusting shows the Blackmoore:

Lady Gaga…this whore…sang your Holy Hymn…

Hollywood actors and famous singers (Lady Gaga in pictures just below), are always her special guests in these perverted exhibitions:

A smiling Hugh Jackman at MArina Abramovic’s spirit cooking celebration/ritual shows.

Marina Abramovic and Jacob Rothschild and the demons…

Bill Clinton

I won’t write more than others already did on the old pig liar Puppet President of the Z.O.G. of Almost United States.

Meet Clinton , meet the Devil:

Of course Bill has been one of the most frequent visitor of Jeffrey “Pedophile” Island,

using Jeffrey Epstein’s special flight , named Lolita Express.

Bill Clinton and Rachel Chandler, former Recruiter of kids for Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Clinton and depraved fellas at Pedophile Island, amongst them Tony Podesta, first from right, brother of John Podesta, former Hillary Clinton Electoral Campaign Manager

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell is a 57-year-old Jewish British socialite, and Epstein’s alleged madame and co-conspirator, suspected of having played a critical role in recruiting and grooming underage girls into his sex-trafficking ring.

Jewish Ghislaine Maxwell and Jew Rupert Murdoch

Lady Ghislaine is also the name of a yacht used to transport women and underage girls from St. Thomas in the Caribbean to “Pedophile Island”, or Epstein’s Island.


Prince Andrews, Virginia Giuffre (Epstein’s victim), and Ghislaine Maxwell

In 2012 Ghislaine Maxwell founded the “TerraMar Project“, a nonprofit organization that advocates for protecting oceans.

Project financed by Clinton Global Initiative:

The Terramar Project base is located in a Lynn De Rothschild property in Mahattan:

Maxwell has been photographed alongside powerful people who are linked to Epstein: such as Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Elon Musk and Jewish lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Maxwell was a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010.

Ghislaine and Jeffrey, a pedophile high society story: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell attend de Grisogono Sponsors (Grisogono are Jews that do money laundering in Sardinia by selling jewels) The 2005 Wall Street Concert Series Benefitting Wall Street Rising, with a Performance by Rod Stewart at Cipriani Wall Street on March 15, 2005 in New York City.

Sarah Ferguson, former wife of Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell

Minors at Pedophile Island

Ghislaine at Pedophile Island

A poor sex slave victim at Pedophile Island

The Prince Andrew  will disappear from the Aristocratic “degenerate” public Scene

Ghislaine Maxwell and Elon “Fraud” Musk

Jew Lloyd Blankfein with Jew Ghislaine Maxwell

Michal Chelbin

Michal Chelbin was born in the Israeli city of Haifa in 1974, she was in I.D.F. and assigned as a photographer to Dover Tzahal, a unit responsible for information policy and media relations. There she was instructed by Mossad in a four year photography program covered at the WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization) and then to work abroad in connection with a group of people, which we contend is composed by Epstein and Maxwell.

Michal Chelbin Photos may be resumed in summary in one only specific subject: Children, and children with orcs.

Do you think these are normal pictures of children?

Wedding Dress and Orc, cyclical them in her “pieces”.


Her psychofuck art is similar to that of Biljana Djurjevic, John Podesta’s favorite artist.

This is just a remind for John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, the same person described above taking a bath at Pedophile Island with Bill Clinton, owns a statue of a Jeffrey Dahmer’s victim hanging in his living room.

JEFFREY Dahmer was a homosexual cannibal serial killer who would have photographed the bodies of his victims in bizarre poses, and this statue above owned by Tony Podesta was modeled on one of those photos.

Prince Andrew,

Duke of York, Queen Elizabeth, Windsor’s House, third child.

The Windsor are the Satanic Royal dynasty that is leading The United Kingdom to hell.

[New Prince Andrew Connections on Part 2]

Rachel “Ray” Chandler

Rachel “Ray” Chandler is a photographer and co-founder of a New York-based modeling agency,

but it is presumed that those are working covers for who really is integral part of convicted sex offender , and now food for worms, Jeffrey Epstein.

It is told by locals that she had sex during her minor age, since she was 14 years old, in order to climb the worldly society.

Allegedly her sole task consisted in recruiting children in order to host them at Pedophile Island.

Officially started her career with a degenerate magazine named Purple Diary:

Many could notice that her last name may be coded as “Child-Handler”, however we need to provide an almost valid and logical explanation why this woman is connected with Epstein’s Pedophile Ring.

As other photographers connected in this squalid story, Ray Chandler is a photograph, let’s take a look at some of her “shots”:

Chandler was free to walk and work among British Royals,

She..over the Eyes Wide Shut “society” or Mentmore Towers, Rothschild’s Country House:

Chandler was free to walk and work among Hollywood Celebrities,

Richard Gere and Jewish Rachel Weisz photographed by Rachel Chandler

she worked for Vogue,and she is connected to Paris Hilton ,

who is Nicky’s sister , Nicky Hilton Rothschild, James Rothschild’s wife.

Chandler with Dasha Zukhova, wife of Magnate Russian Jew Roman Abramovich

The connection of Chandler with Epstein’s Underworld comes with a Sikh personage, Waris Ahluwalia:

Ray Chandler is connected to :

Tom Arnold

Hollywood Actor, much likely a pedophile being sexually abused from age 4 to 7 by a male babysitter.
Not born as Jew but became one of the Jewish Tribe:

Arnold was raised a Methodist.[26] Some sources say he converted to Judaism upon marrying Roseanne Barr in 1990,[27] but in a podcast interview with Andrew Santino he speaks of growing up Jewish in Iowa. He still practices Judaism.[28]

Interpreted the part of a pedophile Rapist in Animal Factory (2000). I remember that movie, a good movie about life in an American prison, and I especially remember this rude dude, I tell you he was very scary, very convincing, a very terrifying pedophile.

Arnold worked to release Trump tapes, we’re still waiting for them.

Nat Rothschild

Nat “Planet’s Master” Rothschild in this vulgar furthermore sad story is connected to Rachel Chandler and Ghislaine Maxwell, enough, isn’t it ?

Stephen Hawking?

 The famous scientist was used to promote what would later become the Terramar Project, with his projects about submarines. He visited Pedophile Island back at 2006.


Lolita Express – Flight Manifests