German Idealists. One of their common denominator is a deep hate and despise for the Jew.

Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest among these philosophers, said:

The Jews are by Nature sharp dealers who are bound together by superstition. Their immoral and vile behavior in commerce shows that they don’t aspire to civic virtue, for the spirit of usury holds sway amongst them. They are a Nation of swindlers who benefit only from deceiving their host’s culture.

Kant saw Judaism as nothing more than a mere an Underground Enemy of the State Entity, being sure that Judaism is not a proper religion, as we may think of Christianity, being something of so abstract and mysterious to solve itself just in a different interpretation, as mere evil, in a total sinful and lawless of the moral and ethic thus we may name it as an Immoral Religion, and , last but not least, Jewish Messianic cult is concerned only with things of this world, just ignoring at all or casting aside from the true concept of immortality.

Now Jews will tell you that Kant had Jewish followers. Irrelevant. They were a minority just sat there to listen at him and read his essays just to gather how much information they were able to get in order to strike the enemy, using , after having altered his content, what they would have spread as their own misinformation with their recognized clever ability in the propensity to lie. These Jews claimed that Judaism was something that lays “precisely in being, as they thought, malleable to such a transformation.”, too bad they wouldn’t use the correct word here because instead of “transformation” they had to use “adaptation“, like the best race is not the stronger or the smarter but that one that is able to adapt itself through adversities and different habitats, just as parasites do, isn’t it?

The truth is that Jews need Immanuel Kant, despite he hated and despised them, and why?
Simply because of Kant’s 1795 (Perpetual Peace) treatise where he advocates the abolition of Nation-States, This quickly gained ground among Jewish intellectuals and has become the lens through which they view of the Jewish Global State, a world submitted to Jews.

However Immanuel Kant describes steps to achieve this kind of “State of Affairs” using what collide patently with what has been , and now it is absolutely emphasizing, Jewish vision of things and intentions, some step clearly not favorable to Jews (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8), while some other sharply exploited by them (9):

1.”No secret treaty of peace shall be held valid in which there is tacitly reserved matter for a future war”
2.”No independent states, large or small, shall come under the dominion of another state by inheritance, exchange, purchase, or donation
3.”Standing armies shall in time be totally abolished”
4.”National debts shall not be contracted with a view to the external friction of states”
5.”No state shall by force interfere with the constitution or government of another state
6.”No state shall, during war, permit such acts of hostility which would make mutual confidence in the subsequent peace impossible: such are the employment of assassins (percussores), poisoners (venefici), breach of capitulation, and incitement to treason (perduellio) in the opposing state”.
7.”The civil constitution of every state should be republican”
8.”The law of nations shall be founded on a federation of free states”
9.”The law of world citizenship shall be limited to conditions of universal hospitality

Kant’s treaty has been reversed by Jews as Perpetual War.

You see this :

While we see this: