Fighting Terrorism, a modern struggle but what if in 1995 a book titled that way brings the sign of a particular writer like.. Benjamin Netanyahu ?

Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists – 1995, 180 pages written presumably by Netanyahu are published by a Liberal Leftard and Marxist American Book publishing Company: Farrar, Straus (Jew) and Giroux, containing suggestions and practice to fight terrorists, with never an explanation about who has to be considered a terrorist, and far from doing it, according to the Benjamin Netanyahu’s vision.

These the enthusiastic titles of some “excellent” reviews about the “prophetic book” and his “proactive” “correct one message”:

“An excellent primer on the groups, motives, and methods of the current terrorist threat.” ―Bill Gertz, The Washington Times

“Netanyahu has produced a small volume updating the story of international terrorism and his advice on how to defeat it. His “vigorous” message is a correct one.” ―Peter W. Rodman, The Washington Post Book World

“This short book is well worth reading, and is likely to spark renewed debate about the central dilemma Netanyahu addresses. He offers vigorous, proactive, pre-emptive measures.” ―Victor T. Levine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Netanyahu traces the history of terrorism with scholarship and makes a strong case that the West has not prepared itself properly for increased domestic and international terrorism.” ―Berl Faulbaum, The Detroit News

“Vigorous. Mr. Netanyahu’s arguement, which is soberly and clearly made, cannot be taken lightly.” ―Richard Berstein, The New York Times

“Strong but not belligerent, adamant but measured. It’s hard to put much of an argument against Netanyahu’s prophetic book.” ―David Finkle, The Trenton Times

Interesting.. so let’s read some page of it:

Hence we may discover some things after this brief read of a random page of this Netanyahu’s essay.

First, this Israel-Iran Cold war is going on since 90’s , and more than a cold war this is just war propaganda to call United States at war against Iran, which is used as a tool to brainwash  American Public Opinion and call American Military to enter in a catastrophic and pointless war against a country that is actually estranged from vile terrorist attacks here and there in Western Countries.

Second, Bibi mentions the World Trade Center, referring to the car bomb attack occurred there in 1993, but in a subtle malicious wish of a terror attack reiteration, he writes of a new potential brand threat in a gigantic, out of proportion scenario: a “nuclear bomb” in the basement of World Trade Center, this time not just some random car bomb. What is not random here is the use of the word “nuclear” posed as a threat to peace in high civilized nations, and a scheme that only after almost thirty years, comes to be recognized by some of my generation: pose threat (create the problem) to the ones you want to deceive – make happen in a way or another the “Terror prophesied” (run the problem) – point out that your enemies made that (solve the problem), and you don’t even need to call for an intervention of who now is a total brainwashed ally because the latter will call for action on your behalf.

Iran never posed as threat in a potential scenario of Nuclear Warfare but just in their propaganda.

Here a partial timeline:

By now also little kids know that Nuclear Weapons need particular centrifuges to enrich uranium, totally different from the ones that are needed for Nuclear Power Plants. Iran can not hide the first type of centrifuges and these may be seen from satellites or other reconnaissance devices such as drones, but until now you may see just any kind of conjecture over this topic but truth.

Despite the fact to be a Muslim Country, I would just remember to the neophyte reader that Shiaa Muslims are just 5% of Islam World and they are hated by almost all the remaining Orthodox Muslim line represented by Sunni and its currents. Iran was considered a sort of Western World among the Middle East Regions not only until its Islamic Revolution in 1960.

Also much time later,

and currently its efforts to enrich human rights, freedom of press and expression are making serious progresses

I would challenge anyone to compare Iran with an actual historical ally of United States and Israel against Iran itself, the Medieval Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Iranians are the last people of Odin, unfortunately among them there are many sandniggers nowadays, but this should not be a real reason to incite war for something that doesn’t even actually exist.

Reasons to not support Evil Zionist Propaganda against Iran:

Iranian Women are cool.

I wouldn’t care but the Jews themselves wouldn’t disagree with what I’m writing, because there are Jew minorities living in Iran and they “feel home”, I guess.

Iran suffered terror attacks, and it would be easy to address them to KSA or Israel through ISIS Rebels because Iran declared, 5 days after these attacks, that behind IS Fighters there are Americans, or just the Zionist Americans that work to use United States as proxy for war against Iran itself. Fact: ISIS never attacked Israel.

Pakistan, India, China , for example, own nuclear weapons, and I’m more scared of them than I am about Iran. I would travel to east and west, north and south in Iran and I wouldn’t feel in danger or to live in a third world country led by any tyranny, but what about the first ones? Would you feel safe to travel around places like those? Iran some western people are arrested too and placed in jail, it is true when you are a spy working for a foreign country.

If you made nothing then you have nothing to be afraid.