People do not know the true origins of the Jewish organization A.D.L., Anti-Defamation League (League Against Defamation), with origins that should outrage all people with a minimum and existential sense of humanity.
Scandalous, disgusting origins, which arise and start from the defense of a Jew, pedophile, rapist and murderer of minors, with a particular, very particular last name, the name of this filthy lousy pig pedophile is Leo “Frank“.

Briefly summarizing the story of Leo Frank and the rape and barbaric murder of Mary Phagan we can say that Frank was a superintendent of a factory in Atlanta, Georgia, the National Pencil Co.

In 1913, the mills and factories of Atlanta were teeming with girls and boys young and not in good economic conditions, as were children of poor families forced to leave school and work from eight to ten years.
It was notorious that Leo Frank formulated sexual proposals after a careful selection of teenage girls that aimed to work in the factory. Later they claimed that Frank made “implicit” allusions, bad suggestions, and lascivious looks, and that he was even caught looking at them while they undressed in the dressing room. Sometimes winking at young girls working for him, Leo Frank often became familiar with some of them. Before the rape and murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, it was a known fact that Leo Frank was known for his repeated sexual harassment. The factory was used as an appointment for in-call and out-call prostitution under the winking eye of Leo Frank.

Leo Frank with two hookers

Things that were not considered moral then or now were happening among the infuriated hormone-filling teenagers who worked in the factory and the adult men who managed them. Furthermore, men in positions of power and status would naturally attract some of the girls who work there for sexual acts. Historically speaking, power and status seem to be the greatest aphrodisiacs regardless of age, state or class, even though in reality it is more a ruin than a wealth or mere satisfaction.
Under the guidance of Leo Frank, Dionysian orgies occasionally occurred during the working week and on Saturday.
The dark and poorly lit basement was one of the extravagant places where couples could meet and consume their flings.
It also seems that Frank was an avid sexual sadist in flesh and blood, leaving marks and bruises with his teeth to the little girls.
Anyone who then reads the story of how Leo Frank was indicted, brought to trial and sentenced to death (later converted into life imprisonment at the behest of Governor John Slaton who was a partner in the law firm headed by Luther Rosser, the Leo Frank’s defending Jewish lawyer)

then can not but see him as the real culprit of the rape and murder of Mary Phagan.

Eventually a group of gentlemen, which today the vulgar Jewish press would name as “White Supremacists“, took an interest in the matter, given the fact that this story had profoundly shocked the entire American public opinion at the time, and thus they organized to kidnap Frank from prison, torture him, based on the “Just Deserts” or Retributive Justice, meaning that the criminal suffers the same way his or her victims suffered because of him, and then he was hanged with his shitty face turned toward the house where Mary Phagan lived.


After the proper execution of the Jewish pig pedophile rapist Leo Frank, it was the B’nai B’rith (Children of the Covenant) who started the ADL. The B’nai is the oldest organization that serves Jewish interests in the world.

Hence the first dirty job covered by the Jewish ADL began with just a first attempt performed in order to wash the criminal charges (some outside of any possible doubt) against the pedophile murderer Jew Leo Frank.
In lying and covering up their lies, Jews have always had courage and have always been sophisticated in manipulating facts, evidences, stories through their prints, their newspapers, their media, which now cover this planet globally speaking.

The ADL then from its creation til today has flaunted the case of Leo Frank as the case of a victim of Anti-Semitism, an “innocent Jew” ended up in the mesh of justice only because he was a Jew, not because the Jury that had sentenced him to death was also composed by Jews, but the ADL would like to come and tell us then that the Jewish members of the Jury would be corrupt and other falsehoods.

The ADL has thus endeavored to promote, and this is gross, courses on History on the case, Theatrical Musicals, Documentaries, political interventions, and newspaper articles to completely overturn the image of a coward and depraved Jewish rapist and give this a new light, of saint, martyr, innocent even with commemorative plate exposed to the public telling totally a different story.

The shameful plate that depicts Leo Frank as a poor victim, an attempt to rewrite history by those who rule over us.

It’s not over. In doing so the figure of thirteen year old Mary Phagan is depicted by the Jewish ADL as that of a whore, a temptress, who would have consumed sex with many factory workers.
All this obviously leaving out details like the fact that Frank’s wife, Jewish too, did not want to be buried near the body of her husband, since she declared that “married a filthy killer degenerate pig” and that she did not want to share his eternity with him, and to this may be added to rumors that tell that this woman became sterile as a result of infections contracted by her husband via sexual means, or STD.

How can the ADL explain in this case the Antisemitism of the Jewish members in the Jury (Jury who reached an unanimous verdict) and of the Jewish wife of Frank? The result is that they can not explain it and the only attempt to do it or not to do it is deplorable and denotes how these individuals are abject and that exercise through the Media a power that has in full the denotations proper of terrorist organizations, the ones who do propaganda inside a State being themselves an Enemy State, like the Mafia.

The spontaneous, legitimate and ethically genuine question in this case is, and cannot be anything other than, How can you defend a dirty depraved pedophile rapist murderer just because he is a Jew?

The mere fact that the ADL does not pose this problem above all must be taken by the Gentile mass as extremely alarming, and it evidently shows that these individuals own an ethic and an altered morality, not similar to ours, and that it obviously goes beyond our concepts and principles of justice, charity and forgiveness.

Also, the Afro-American population should resent and be indignant about how the ADL works in this field, in the field where even the blacks feel touched by so said racism.
And Why?

Because it is an established fact that Frank paid the black Jim Conley to hide the body of Mary Phagan.

and to write notes by order of Frank who would have foolishly seriously swallowed it

and now the ADL is trying to put all the blame, rape and homicide on the black Conley. Sadistic and vulgar people.

The black communities should be furious about how they are treated by these Jews, how they are manipulated as puppets against white people and used as disposable whores.

Today, the ADL imposes directives on the main giant Internet platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, …PewDiePie, etc. to protect Jews exclusively regardless of their guilty or non-guilty status.

PewDiePie gave ADL 50K buck$

PewDiePie trolled ADL and the World. N1 !!!

And all this is sad enough, thinking that the ADL moves its actions from a purely ideological base of exclusive defense for a specific and determined group ( the Jewish race) against the rest of the group that host them , named Gentile, and precisely within the Institutions of this latter, which they call as “Democratic”in the United States of America of nowadays.

The ADL recently filed a complaint with WordPress against the hosting of this site, and just like that, WordPress, without any explanation suspended our host. Assuming, we would not be able to get back up and running so quickly. Joke was on them though. The new host is a significant upgrade.

And that:_

“Please keep in mind that other hosts may have similarly restrictive policies regarding this type of content.”

It sounds really offensive for those who are censored without a confrontation, without explanations that absolutely don’t give reason to the whole narrative of this site. Isn’t it ?

The dark shadow has sworn off, hence let me be clear to challenge anyone to prove the opposite of this following:

This Site does not promote violence, terrorism or hatred against people, groups or individuals, on the contrary it promotes an Universal Cosmic Order for the final advent of the Kwisatz Haderach:

We write about historical facts, incontrovertible truths, and we have a vision of the Society and the World that cannot be subject for censorship. We are not the ones to hate or promote hatred, it is the ADL who does this through its global censorship of content not favorable to their partisan interests.
Rather sad thinking that the Giant Internet Platforms yield to these prevarications at the expense of truth or a simple comparison. I would accept very well being censored but at least after a serious confrontation on the contents, and not repudiated and treated as if we were writing garbage. People who do not care about how this is all happening systematically in our societies are unknowingly going against their own interests and therefore those of their progeny. Very sad. Also this way is: Extermination.

Using the accusations of Hate Crime-Hate Crime for the sole purpose and task of protecting and covering up any wrongdoing of the Jews can only provoke further resentment in the type of Western Society founded and still populated by the Gentiles.
Moreover, as can be seen from this story, it is the ADL that creates hate conflicts, and does not solve them, just read about how they tried to exploit the “black” Jim Conley addressing to him any responsibility and fault.

The posthumous absolution of Leo Frank is to be read as the Victory of Evil on the Good, an exemplary case of how the Jews today rewrite History by distorting the truth and paying as corrupting  in order to erect lies in its place, performing acts without shame, aiming to establish a new kind of ethics based solely on favors and money, and not on intellectual integrity, on our moral principles and charity towards others.