Renee Bach, American from Virginia, used to run a charity to help children in Uganda, and a blog to write down her experiences, but her real job was ethnic cleansing, and this in the optic of Margaret Sanger teachings must be appreciated.
She just pulled out from this world as a Spartan any human being not useful to this planet, and to a deadly continent.

“When I pulled the covering back my eyes widened, for under the blanket lay a small, but very, very swollen, pale baby girl. Her breaths were frighteningly slow. … The baby’s name is Patricia. She is 9 months old. […] One of their relatives told them about a ‘hospital’ … with a ‘White Doctor.'”

Now someone discovered that Bach was not a doctor, but she is just a 20-year-old high school graduate with no medical training on her back, and her charity didn’t employ any doctor, ever.

She took care of 940 enough severely malnourished children. Only 105 of them died.

A Blonde White Angel named Renee Bach.

Now the Uganda niggers are thanking her by suing her in civil court.

It’s very unfair today as yesterday for whites make good actions for black people in Africa.

Africans are superiors..should help themselves before to ask help and we should not give them help anyway.

Thanks for all you did Renee, you are amazing.

Renee Bach, 30, is being sued in Ugandan civil court over the deaths of children who were treated at the critical care center she ran in Uganda. She has left Uganda and is now living in Bedford County, Virginia, where she grew up.