This that follows is the history of one of the greatest atrocities committed by blacks on an entire population of white Europeans. A genocidal massacre kept well hidden by Cultural Marxists and Jews, because the historical awareness of a brutal, bloody, gruesome and cowardly extermination of whites inflicted by the hands of niggers, could wake up those whites left without racial identity around the globe.

The Uprising started as a simple slave revolt and ended up degenerating into a simple and cruel genocide of all the White French settlers, including those who were opposed to slavery, and of those who considered themselves as friends of the Haitian niggers.

It should be pointed out that slavery was formally abolished after the first riots, but the racial hatred of blacks against whites ends with the extermination of the latter without any form of simplest conditions of mercy.

Negroes, mulattoes and spics, that out numbered the Whites, were led by a villain known as Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Napoleone who was fighting tirelessly in Europe, battling against the troops funded and assembled by the House of Rothschild, that had sent somewhere around 40,000 soldiers, to aid the French settlers in Haiti, but almost the totality of them died of Yellow Fever. Hence Napoleon had no more reinforcements to move on Atlantic Ocean at that point.

Several hundred Whites realized the danger they were facing and prepared to escape, unfortunately many liberals and cucks amongst them convinced the majority of the remaining settlers to remain on the Island under the authority of Jacobin Niggers, or Black Jacobins.

In 1804 Dessalines gave the Final Order : to massacre in a relentless search all of the White French residents in Haiti, as something worth noting in this order, the recording secretary, (a nigger known as Boisrong-Tonnere), wrote at the bottom:

For our declaration of independence, we must have a white man’s skin like parchment, his skull as inkwell, his blood as ink, and a bayonet as a pen!

Useful to know that to this dirty nigger even today has some wild nigger pigs dedicating a stamp, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Haiti Revolution(1804-1954). Since when are genocides passed off as a “revolution”, and how come it wouldn’t ever be considered that had the tables been turned?

The squad of niggers moved as spiders weave their web, and among the lights of the sunrise, from house to house, using only melee weapons to kill Whites in their sleep. They cut up all the whites one by one, that they were able to find, and they did this simply because shots perpetrated by guns were capable of easily waking up settlers, that just thereafter would launch the general alarm.

Looting, destruction, white women raped on a massive scale and then beheaded or burned. Those “more” fortunate were taken into slavery, children beaten savagely and then torn apart just as Easter lambs.

Several hundred Whites however, managed to reach safety of the forest or other places, such as caves. Thus Dessalines proclaimed amnesty for all Whites who in their own free will would come out from their hiding places.

Whites came out of their havens, and at that point Niggers went in action. Afterall, you can only expect that animals wouldn’t have anything other than predator instinct. Indeed they are worse than animals. Niggers gathered all Whites and tied them together and proceeded in order to complete their brutal work.

One of the most notorious subordinates trusted by Dessalines was known as Jean Zombies, a psychopathic spic protagonist of numerous disgusting killings. He paraded the public and even in front of the Presidential Palace that was occupied by the Dessalines. All while denuding, beating and skinning the whites, as well as raping the women, after which they would all be slowly skinned then dismembered in front of the crowds.

From historical accounts it is not possible to trace the exact number of the slaughtered Whites in Haiti, but their number is not less than 4000 units and not higher than 6000, of all ages and sex.

Dessalines didn’t try at all to hide this genocide to the rest of the world. In an official proclamation dated 8 April 1804, he declared: “We have given these real cannibals wars of war, crime for their crime, outrage for outrage. Yes, I saved my country, I have avenged America.

The genocide is still regarded as an act of national authority. Dessalines considered the slaughtering of the White Haitians an act of “political necessity”, because they were deemed a threat to peace between black and colored mulattoes.

A “Revenge” in a bloodbath against the Whites was just an agenda for these Niggers.

In the constitution of 1805, all citizens were defined as “blacks” and white men as having no right to own land.

The “legacy” of racial hostility in nigger Haitian society against Whites continues still today, in the XXI Century.

The Jewish Propaganda Media Machine, known to the public as Hollywood, is really careful to not engage in films that could be able to tell this gruesome and horrible story, basically we’re just talking about ethnic cleansing of White Europeans …So how could this bring interest to the public’s worldwide opinion?