The Ku Klux Klan also known as the KKK , which derives from the Greek word Kuklos, means “ring” or “circle”. As a Masonic source movement, presumably founded by the Order of the Knights Templar of Malta, the KKK, which is branched off into three stages of evolution: promoting White Supremacy, The Anti Immigration Crusades, and The Social Order. This movement is still active in the United States.

Already superbly described by DW Griffith in The Birth of a Nation , films of 1915 :

Movie poster advertises ‘The Birth of a Nation’ directed by D.W. Griffith, 1915.

The main rituals and aesthetic characteristic behavior of the Klan takes place in nightly rallies by walking or riding horses, carrying a large wooden cross , and setting it on fire, once they reach designated places, usually on hills or at campaigns. Members of the Order wear white robes and cone-shaped hoods that doubled as a mask, covering their faces.

The klan’s choice of sacred clothing has roots in the most fervent and medieval Christian religious rites practiced since the middle ages, in Italy, especially in Sicily, and still performed til this day.

If you research the 16th Century Monastery of St. Peter,The Senatorial Palace and The Cathedral, you would understand how almost everything the KKK practices is similar, the carrying and burning of the crosses, the rituals, the synchronized processions, the clothing, the preservation of the white race (white supremacy) the anti-immigration crusades, and the social order.

When the KKK burns crosses, they don’t just do it as a religious devotion to Christianity (which was intentionally conceived for the Europeans), but they render that an extreme point to non white people.

On Holy Thursday in Marsala two hundred hooded members recall the passion of the christ, reaching these characteristic Christian places: the sixteenth century monastery of St. Peter, the Senatorial Palace and the cathedral as a route center for this holy ritual, which originally was built by the Normans , where the Bourbons restored it all in the seventeenth century with marble columns and adorned with statues of Corinth, where the twelve apostles participate in the ritual.

It’s the Marxists that hide the fact that the original KKK were just loyal Christians from Sicily, or anywhere in south Italy.

The crusaders that sailed to Italy, formed the legacy of the warriors of faith (the defenders) in local churches.

In summary, these groups would wear masks and practice rituals to honor the legacy of the warriors.

Trapani, outside the Cathedral on Good Friday, there is the procession of the Mysteries.

In Lipari, Aeolian, the hooded included, candles and torches lit the flames loading a crucifix on his shoulders.

San Fratello, Nebrodi, where the hooded, in organized formation, proceeded in the woods, waving torches as they prepare for the processions of hoisting Christ up and down for the town.

At San Biagio Platani, in the province of Agrigento, the madunnari, the devotees to the Madonna, Signurara and those to the Lord, would build two huge arches.

These arches required months of work and signified launching of attacks on any enemies of the Christianity defenders, also possessing large crosses and religious statues to fully carry out the ritual.

During a procession the penitents of the Society of the Good Death of Pieve di Teco, were approached by the Italian Digos (cops) and were requested to raise the cap that was covering their ears and face. In Rezzo, another town, as reported by Maurizio Vezzaro of “La Stampa”, the members of the Brotherhood of St. John the Baptist still wear caps on Holy Thursday. However, when they come out from the church and in the public setting, they must return to unveiling and remain identifiable. Avoiding this would otherwise risk a criminal complaint.

It’s stuff like this that today we have to face the disgust that devotees have to suffer, their belief is mutilated by atheists, Marxists, horned degenerates …

Also, the Knights of Templar of Malta are very much connected to the Sons of Malta, once a concrete secret society existing here in America. How WOULDN’T that have influenced the start of KKK?

How much longer will the devotees be able to bear such indignity, humiliation and shame? When they face public and private scrutiny, yet muslims are allowed to wear their niqab.