A profession. A chosen profession, in which these police are constantly breaking the law. The citizens are not trampling on these pigs rights, but it certainly is the other way around. Now, one must fully understand The Trading With The Enemy Act of 1933. The United States Corporation can do whatever it wants to its property (we are property).

Every once in a while they will make an example out of a cop or government official, most of the time however they don’t stay in prison. Many times just get a flat out acquittal.

Cops can literally get away with murdering its citizens because these citizens have no nationality. You cannot be an American citizen and a U.S. citizen at the same time. When a National is murdered you never hear anything about it. A National is protected not only by the Constitution but also by International Law. Countries that are involved in Treaties must intervene. That is why you never hear of the police killing folk in the “Jewish” communities or in Chinatown, because the corrupt system wouldn’t be able to protect them. It would ultimately mean that more than one Law was in play. The U.S. is Sears and Roebuck. U.S. Inc. established 1776, but the land and the people of the land already existed. The rights of the people will always supersede the rights of the Corporation. However, if they get the “People” to become “Persons” then the corporation can do whatever it wants to you. “People” and “Persons” are not the same, just like “Lawyer” and “Attorney” are not the same.

Now a license originated from the Excise Tax Act 1909. A license is in the law of contracts. A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act without such authorization would be a crime. Americans have a birthright to do whatever they please in the pursuit of happiness as long as it does not hinder someone else doing the same. According to law in order for there to be a crime there has to be an injured party, they must first create a victim. The criminal must violate the life, liberty or property of another individual. One of the rights mandated in our Bill of Rights is that a person accused of a crime has the right to cross examine the witnesses against him. In other words, the defendant has a right to confront the injured party. If there is no injured party, hence, no one to cross examine, the individual accused of the crime cannot defend himself in a court of law.

Again, If there is no injured party there is no crime and there can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of Constitutional rights. 481 F2d 945. Sherar v. Cullen. A 1973 case decided by the ninth circuit court of appeals and can find it in a Law Library at page 945 of volume 481 of the Federal Reporter, Second Series. It is no secret and it is no more or less known than any other published opinion. There is nothing new about the Corpus Delicti doctrine, it goes back hundreds of years.

Now, is driving a crime? Is fishing and hunting a crime? The answer is No. No, they are not crimes, but mere liberties that anyone born here has the right to do. Your Identification Card/License is a communicative agreement. It is NOT a identification card, but a excise tax payers card for corporate activity and the benefit that is derived from corporate activity. What they do by writing it in all caps on top is protecting themselves legally and lawfully that they are communicating with a corporation (an artificial person) and if you accept it you agree you are a corporation and they regulate you accordingly. The United States Supreme Court Case Law says:

No state shall convert a liberty into a license, and charge a fee therefore. (Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S.. 105) If the State converts a right (liberty) into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with immunity. (Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham, Alabama, 373 U.S. 262).

Cops are constantly committing crimes themselves upon pulling someone over and demanding identification. Police detain and arrest citizens daily on the count of driving without a licenses, license plates, Inspection stickers etc. Which are ALL secondary and non-fineable. It seems as if every police officer forgets who pays their salaries. The citizens.
There is a significant and serious lack of customer service that is supposed to accompany the good or service being provided by the police. When you’re pulled over by the officer, again, someone you pay for yet are scared of, they demand ID, ask a series of questions pertaining to your intentions and destinations, search you and your property and all the while they demand your compliance (which, if not given can be deadly) yet they claim to protect you. In what other business or occupation could you talk down to, violate, molest, beat and kidnap all while expecting and requesting compliance and respect from the people that pay your wages? Police lie. A lot. Even to themselves as they claim it is their job to keep you safe and risk their lives doing this. This is a lie. First and foremost police have never and will never keep anyone safe.
It is not their legal responsibility and courts have ruled in favor of this. Second, most officers value their lives foremost while on duty (not that they could be blamed).
In example: several officers approve of Policy enforcers who shot a man holding a water nozzle, claiming they’d do the same because getting home to their family is priority.

The most common excuse when the police break the law is that they risk their lives for us. Although, a police officer fails to make the ten most dangerous jobs list and the carry guns, unlike most of the people they encounter. Do police even know how its their employer (lawmakers) who put them in these situations. An officers daily duties REQUIRES them to violate the rights of others, without questions, on a repetitive basis.
Cops routinely fine or jail at a taxpayers expense, peoples who “crimes” lack an actual victim. Whether it be for driving without a license, disorderly conduct or illegal drugs, police are the ones enforcing such laws. More surprisingly it seems they do so only because they are told to, and believe such violations are acceptable to keep others safe (this doesn’t even include officers who blatantly and knowingly abuse their power).

Who would voluntarily hire someone to arrest him or herself for an act that hasn’t harmed anyone? Still millions of people do and the police do not even show an appreciation towards them. All the meanwhile gifts, discounts on merchandise and other things from stores you voluntarily give business to are given generously. When has the police have never even given as much as a thank you to the public, instead they prey on people simply trying to live their lives. They intimidate and cage people for doing nothing more than filming and asking questions. (If that is a crime, don’t they commit the same crime every day?). This only further rises the question Are police bad for society?

Surely you hear occasionally a case where an officer has gone above and beyond the call of duty, but there are millions of non-police that have to. The fact remains that until one, or several at a time, truly brave officer(s) break the ranks and forms their own private protection agency, the people will never be truly protected.
People should be dreaming of the day where government policing is replaced with individuals and businesses hiring their own protection, and the police business is subject to the values of the free market, where those who provide a service to other demands thrive and those who conduct business poorly fail. Those will be the days in which an officer’s time is spent catching people who actually commit crimes against other people and businesses, thus making the job of protection less dangerous, less stressful, more direct and an overall good to society. Until then we will be stuck fighting over things like what should be illegal, who has the right to search your property and who can carry a gun.

This is slave-on-slave violence at its best. 300 million people will never agree on how to polices as a whole, when people should be free to hire those they feel can protect and provide them with the service they need or protect themselves as they see fit. Cops, by law are not even supposed to be armed, just the U.S. Marshal who deals directly with the mail. This info is useless to a coward. If people want to stay enslaved sheep, that is their choice. The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights will tell anyone how to deal with a government that has become destructive to its ends. History and Law go hand in hand. They are parallels and are inseparable. The masses are not taught this. They are taught that History and Law are separate entities and that’s how they continue to get their rights trampled on.