Why does Robert De Niro hate Donald Trump?

I’ll explain it to you, and quickly. And I want to tell you something right away:


This probably won’t slip away easily because of the multitude of you intoxicated with the poison of Hollywood movies from childhood … but we can’t help you, only you can.

The reason that De Niro hates Trump is because … he’s scared.

Trump is trying to stop the child trafficking … even with Death Penalty.

De Niro was arrested in 98 in France in connection with a prostitution ring involving underage girls, some policemen indicated him as the mastermind behind a tour that saw kidnapped, raped and blackmailed girls, etc.

De Niro came out of this, I don’t know how, but the Internet, our God of Memory, does not forget.


by Joal Ryan | Tue., Feb. 10, 1998 11:25 AM
Actor Robert De Niro was detained in Paris today--being questioned by vice-squad cops about an international prostitution ring, NBC News reports.
The 54-year-old Oscar winner was taken into custody early Tuesday at the Hotel Pristol, according to the network.
Technically, per the parlance of French law, De Niro was "arrested." But the actor's publicist told NBC that the Cape Fear star was merely facing the equivalent of being "held for questioning," in U.S. legal-speak.
Publicist Stan Rosenfeld confirmed to the network that Paris police are quizzing De Niro but denied that the film star is a suspect.
Rosenfeld told NBC that the vice squad may be questioning De Niro about a case that doesn't directly involve the actor--a prostitution ring catering to wealthy Middle Eastern clientele. According to Associated Press sources, De Niro's name was found in an address book seized by investigators.
After speaking with police, the actor appeared before the French investigating judge and then was released. All told, he spent some nine hours in custody.
De Niro, known for his intense portrayal of men on the edge, is currently seen onscreen in the Academy Award-nominated Wag the Dog, as a political strategist called on to quell a White House sex scandal.
Last June, he married his longtime girlfriend, former flight attendant Grace Hightower, in New York.


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Robert De Niro who has played numerous roles as an American Jew in either numerous films produced by the very rich Jews who hold Hollywood, such as:

LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 10: Producer Harvey Weinstein (L) and Writer, Producer, Director Quentin Tarantino attend the 33rd annual Variety Home Entertainment Hall of Fame on December 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Variety)