The Kikes are in total panic since Nationalism rises in the United States and Europe.
Thus they show off the usual old blows, but our brave fighters are ready to challenge with their bare hands and without exclusion of truth and justice hits.

It’s been 25 years since Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List was released in theaters and Universal Pictures is honoring this milestone by bringing it back into theaters. The film, which won seven Academy Awards in 1994, sees the participation of Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, the German magnate who got over 1,000 Jews rescued during the Holocaust. Spielberg’s masterpiece is famous for being shot in black and white, for the soundtrack of John Williams and, of course, for not exactly being a make-up film.
On December 7, 2018, a new generation will have the chance to see Schindler’s List on the big screen, perhaps for the first time, if they haven’t succeeded before. The reprint trailer emphasizes that the story is relevant “now more than ever” and urges the public to “never forget”. It’s almost like he’s trying to tell us something about American life in 2018, something with refugees and Nazis. But what?

Jews, Hollywood, Holocaust, Jews, you are all convinced.

But modern reality is not at all different from the subatomic world, where the common laws of universal physics have no meaning or application. So it is for the Historical Truth after year 1945, a history facade that it is hidden among a thousand camouflages and high pop-corn jumps …


As the Red Army approached in July 1944, the SS began closing the concentration camps further east and evacuating the prisoners left to the Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen concentration camps to the west. Göth’s personal secretary, Mietek Pemper, alerted Schindler of the Nazis’ plans to close down all the factories not directly involved in the war effort, including Schindler’s enamel factory. Pemper suggested to Schindler that production went from pots to anti-tank grenades in an attempt to save the lives of Jewish workers. Using corruption and his persuasive powers, Schindler convinced Göth and the officers in Berlin to allow him to transfer his factory and workers to Brünnlitz (Czech: Brnenec), in the Sudeten, thus saving them from certain death in the gas chambers. Using the names provided by police officer Ghetto Jewish Marcel Goldberg, Pemper compiled and typed the list of 1,200 Jews-1,000 of Schindler workers and 200 inmates of the textile factory of Julius Madritsch-who were sent to Brünnlitz in October 1944 .

Saving them from certain death …of course if the gas chambers really existed.
However I won’t write about this today, let’s focus instead on this “…story…”.

Schindler’s List is based on a historical fiction novel by Thomas Keneally, around Schindler’s idea of justice or in summary: keeping his factory and his special friends at work below cost.

It is a film about how a thousand prisoners were never deported to Auschwitz, and not about how this alleged Holocaust took place or did not take place.

Schindler fucked with Jewish girls. First of all the Jews mentioned were European white women, it is very difficult to understand the difference between an European woman and an Ashkenazi Jewish one even today, for example Bar Rephaeli, who is Ashkenazi Jew, could well pass for a German Woman. Ashkenazi were not and are not Semitic Jews, and the Third Reich admitted them in its army:
Nuremberg Laws of 1935 classified people with at least three Jewish grandparents as Jews; those with two Jewish grandparents would be considered Jews only if they practiced Judaism.

Werner Goldberg Case

Werner Goldberg’s father had grown up in Königsberg as a member of the Jewish community, but he was baptized in the local Lutheran church because he wanted to marry a Christian woman. In 1933 he lost his position with the promulgation of the law for the new introduction of the professional civil service, which expelled the professing Judes from the German civil service.
At the beginning of 1938, his son, Werner Goldberg, entered in the Reich Labor Service, whose uniform had a swastika on an armband.
On 1 December 1938 Werner Goldberg joined the German army. He took part in the invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939, serving together with his childhood friend Karl Wolf, whose father was a high-ranking SS officer.
But the master stroke comes when Werner Goldberg’s picture appeared in the Sunday edition of the Berliner Tagesblatt newspaper with the following caption:
The ideal German soldier“;

Werner’s picture in military outfit was then used on slogans for army recruitment.

Now let’s return to Schindler, the capitalist.

Schindler’s novel provides a specific date (9 June 1942), but the sequence of events represented on that specific day in the book, or in the film, does not correspond exactly to what the historical sources tell us of 8-10 June 1942.
The point blank executions as told by this character do not correspond absolutely to the truth.

The little girl in red was called Genia,

she was hidden by a German family, but there is no confirmation that it was where the novel places her, that is, in the midst of raids.
Genia was instead a girl who liked wearing a red cap and came from a story about a survivor that Keneally knew enough well.

Schindler’s lover was not called Ingrid but Martha and Eve, so there were two Jewish lovers, not one, Schindler was a degenerate fucking Jewish prostitutes, in camps and facilities many of them did this job.

The scene of the bathroom with shower to which women and children are forced into has been built ad hoc to feed the sense of horror of the so said gas shower, but of what women were so afraid? Seeing gas coming out of the water ducts? No, it could not take place at the time when .. no one knew of “these exterminations by the use of gas filtered via showers“.
Same error described Anne Frank’s diary, where also comes narrated of a BBC radio broadcast giving credit to these executions by gas, however even during the Nuremberg trials no Nazis, no official or politician ever told expressly about gas chambers to kill prisoners or has been accused of such similar crime, except Thomas Dodd, a prosecutor for the United States who only exhibited papers that showed supplies of Zyklon-B, a pesticide powder, against fleas and ticks, which infested much of Europe at that time, especially in the prisons, especially where hunger and dirty were common facts, and a lack of hygiene and prophylaxis, again for example in Germany in free fall after 1943, where it could not be hoped that the prisoners ate or fed that well, or that they were treated better than german civilians and german soldiers of the Reich.

In this regard, here is the testimony of a so said survivor that was published by
N.Y. Times:

I think it’s important to point out the inaccuracies, for fear that the Holocaust revisionists will do it for us.
[…] none of us who came to Auschwitz and survived the initial selection to the “ramp” knew where we were or knew that death by gassing was the Nazi method to get the “final solution”.
Polish Jews arrived with a stronger premonition that they could not leave their place in life compared to Jews in other countries, yet even they did not know that gassing was the preferred method. The gas annihilation system could only be implemented if the victims thought they were “disinfected”.
The gas chambers did not have plumbing for showers (although they had fictitious showers) and no tubes that could supply gas or water, as Spielberg’s film suggests. Zyklon B crystals in containers were injected into the gas chambers by small openings in the ceiling or on the side, depending on the gas chamber used at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The small openings in the ceiling … yes …, unfortunately for them, have never been found.

Returning to Schindler, Crowe says that “Schindler had almost nothing to do with the list.“.
There were nine lists: four compiled by Marcel Goldberg, a corrupt Jewish security police officer and an assistant to an SS officer assigned to transport the Jews and the authors of the other five lists are unknown.

Schindler was trying to get contributions for his wartime losses, let’s remember that he was a capitalist and that he had chosen Jewish workers because they were cheaper than the thoroughbred Polish ones, and so he made himself a hero with Yad Vashem, commemorative organization of the Jewish Holocaust in Jerusalem, becoming a “Gentle righteous”, a high honor granted by Jews to non-Jews.

Poor man, protagonist of a story where he was actually a pimp with two Ashkenazi Jewish prostitute lovers, he had cheap workers , he never compiled any list to save someone other than his lovers, he always tried to maximize, as a good shit capitalist which he was, profits at war and…after the war.

A true story of barbarous courage inside and outside the set.
Congratulations, both to the producers and to the spectators with paying lollipops and coca-cola on hands, producing FX effects for the gentile believers of their endless void…