Freudian psychology may be well considered another Jewish ideological assault on our civilization during the last century, as Marxism has been.
These creepy Jewish Doctrines continue to spread their devastating effects nowadays, despite being widely discredited as good politics and as effective science over human dominion.

I would just remind to you that Marxism was a science applied to socialism, according to Karl Marx.

Schlomo Freud psychotherapy made worse the conditions of own patients while others who did not undergo any treatment went on “spontaneous remission”, it means that their problem went away in its own.

It is known that Freud privately admitted the ineffectiveness of his therapy to Sandor Ferenczi, who wrote:

As proof and justification for this suspicion, I recall some statements that Freud made to me. Obviously he was relying on my discretion. He said the patients are just rabble. The only thing patients were good at is helping the analyst to make a living and provide material for the theory. It is clear that we cannot help them.

Despite all of this, after a century the so said Intellectuals of Left and derivatives, who think to speak in behalf of our whole civilization, invoke Freud as authority over the psyche realm.

Freud theories consist essentially in obsession over scatology and sexuality, perversion and extreme regression to incestuous cornerstones. this is the obscenity named as culture and spread through media and schools to our youth.

The families were portrayed by Freud as afflicted by secret perversions and inexpressible secrets, that’s because for Jewish doctrines was essential to derange and eventually fragment those elements, like family, who favored maintenance, order and authority over the chaos inherited by ages of wars.

Talmud itself tells that the Goyim is impure, and infected by diseases. Freud didn’t write something more than his religion taught to him.

In this sector the only shining light was brought by a non Jew, a German , Carl G. Jung, who wiped away from its hell basements the above theories of a snake in disguise.

Jews hate Aryans. Freud hates Jung.

Jung wrote:

“As you know, Freud had previously accused me of anti-Semitism because I couldn’t stand his soulless materialism. The Jew directly urges anti-Semitism with its readiness to take advantage of anti-Semitism everywhere “.

Jung clearly understood Freudian psychology consisted in a Semitic view of world interactions and thus went ahead against it, that’s why when National Socialist movement emerged in Germany, Jung applauded, becoming director of Zentralblattfur Psychotherapie und ihre Grenzgebiete (Journal for Psychotherapy and Related Disciplines) in December 1933, when he published the following statement (not written by him, though):

We expect all members of the Society who write articles to have read with great scientific care the disruptive path traced in the book by Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, and will recognize it as essential [for their work].

“To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light”, C.G.Jung

While in same issue, Jung wrote:

The differences that actually exist between Germanic and Jewish psychology and which have long been known to every intelligent person must no longer be ignored, and this can only be useful to science.
Of course, I was careless, so careless as to do just the thing most open to misunderstanding at the present time: I have outlined the Jewish problem. This I deliberately did … The Jewish problem is regularly complex, an endangered wound, and no responsible doctor could lead him to apply methods of medical silence in this matter.

“Jews have this peculiarity in common with women; being physically weaker, they must aim at the flaws in their opponent’s armor. ”

The Jewish race as a whole – at least this is my experience – has an unconscious that can be compared with the “Aryan” only with reserve. Apart from creative individuals, the average Jew is too aware and differentiated to remain a sucker of the tensions of the future that has not yet happened. The “Aryan” unconscious has a higher potential than that of the Jews; this is both advantage and disadvantage in a youth not yet completely weaned from barbarism. In my opinion it has been a serious mistake in medical psychology to apply Jewish categories – which are not even binding on all Jews – indiscriminately to Germanic and Slavic Christianity. For this reason the most precious secret of the Germanic peoples – their depth of creative and intuitive soul – has been explained as a swamp of trivial infantilism, while my own voice of warning has for decades been suspected of anti-Semitism. This suspicion came from Freud. He did not understand the German psyche any more than his Germanic followers did. Has the formidable phenomenon of National Socialism, on which the whole world looks with astonished eyes, taught them better? Where was that unparalleled tension and energy while National Socialism did not yet exist? Deep within the Germanic psyche, in a pit that is anything but a garbage can of unattainable infantile desires and unresolved family resentments. A movement that seizes an entire nation must also be matured in each individual. This is why I say that the Germanic unconscious contains tensions and potentialities that medical psychology must consider in its evaluation of the unconscious. His business is not with neuroses but with human beings – which, in effect, is the great privilege of medical psychology: treating the whole man and not an artificially segregated function. And this is why its purpose must be expanded to reveal to the eye of the doctor not only the pathological aberrations of a disturbed psychic development, but the creative powers of the psyche that work for the future; not just a squalid fragment but the whole meaningful.

The poison of the “low-down” (low) interpretation has so deeply bitten the marrow of the bones of these people who can no longer think except in the perverse infantile jargon of certain neurotics that show all the peculiarities of a Freudian psychology.

And if he [Freudian] degrades everything to the level of a “dirty joke” psychology, then we should not be surprised if the patient becomes spiritually degraded and compensates for this with an incurable intellectualism … Treat these people reductively, impute to them additional reasons and suspect that their natural genuineness of unnatural obscenities is not only sinfully stupid, but also criminal.

About Hitler, Jung wrote:

There is no doubt that Hitler belongs to the category of the true mystic man of medicine. As someone commented on him at the last Nuremberg party congress, nothing like this has ever been seen in this world since the time of Muhammad. This markedly mystical characteristic of Hitler is what makes him do things that seem illogical to us, inexplicable, curious and unreasonable…. As you see. Hitler is a man of medicine, a form of a spiritual vessel, a Semi-God or, even better, a Myth …

Again, take the revival spread in the Third Reich of the Wotan cult.
Who was Wotan? The God of the Wind.
Take the name “Sturmabteilung” – Storm Troops. Storm, see … the Wind …
And all these symbols together of a Third Reich guided by his Prophet under the signs of the Wind and the Storm and whirling Vortices indicate a mass movement that must sweep the German people in a hurricane of unreasonable emotion on a destiny that perhaps nobody but the seer , the prophet, the Führer himself can predict.

Jung wrote about feminism:

A man’s main interest should be his job. But a woman is her job and her business. Yes, I know it sounds like a comfortable philosophy of the selfish male when I say this. But marriage means a home. And the house is like a nest – there is not enough space for both birds at the same time. One sits inside, the other perches on the edge and looks around and takes care of all external affairs.

I wondered if the increasing masculinization of the white woman is not connected with the loss of her naturalness … if it is not a compensation for her impoverishment; and if the feminization of the white man is not a further consequence.

Jung wrote on races:

In South Africa the Dutch, who at the time of the colonization of a developed and civilized people, fell to a much lower level due to their contact with the wild races. The savage inhabitants of a country must be mastered. In an attempt to dominate, brutality increases in the master. He must be ruthless. He must sacrifice all that is soft and subtle for the dominion of the savages. Their influence is very great; the more they are surely dominated, the more the master must become wild. The slave has the greatest influence of all, because he is held close to the one who governs him.

The causes of [sexual] repression can be found specifically, the American Complex, that is, in coexistence with the inferior races, especially with the Negroes. The cohabitation with the barbarian races has a suggestive effect on the painfully tamed instinct of the white race and tends to break it down.

The wreck of our civilization can be healed by the analysis perpetrated by Carl G. Jung over the freudian jewish corpse in putrefaction who fed and feed yet the western masses without their proper awareness and consent.