What United Nations exactly do?

Quetzalcoatl, Aztec Deity

Aztecs led human sacrifices at the top of a Pyramid over a big magnetic stone.

O.N.U. Palace, United Nations Organization in New York.

Black Altar, Magnetic Stone, or Magnetite, close to an abstract painting, depicting a serpentine Deity. This Altar is at the top of the O.N.U. hall of congress, exactly like the magnetite was at the top of the Aztec pyramid used for sacrifice rituals.

The famous O.N.U.  hall is in fact disposed on a pyramidal geometric shape arranged horizontally and surmounted by a black dome in the top of which we may find the Black Magnetic Altar mentioned above.

I think it’s enough to not believe anything they’re telling us gets promoted as a “humanitarian initiative” coming from this gloomy place, or big eye …