In the dusty and yellowed books of creation that came to us from the dawns of antiquity, written by men living in a world dominated by tribalism and magic, the creation of life starts from machinations without any scientific and/or logical confirmation as how we try to explain nowadays.

Nothing is true so everything is permissible.

Those tales, those archaic literary constructs, remained trapped within the “modern” human minds, after being already abused over centuries, and millennia, becoming themselves an integral part of judgment and prejudice, something better known as Archetypes of our Collective Unconscious.

At this point it is useless to make any sort of consideration on the fact that before humans came giant reptiles to wander and dominate freely our same battle for survival,

or we should say that before creating Human Life as it is, some God was deeply drunk, and in a moment of distraction, had a first and proper creation of beings “in its image and likeness”.

Anthropomorphism is an insult to the Sacred Order or Code of Life.

Daily.Mail: Life started thanks to modified version of RNA

RNA had “life”, and it is still a mystery.
Too easy bothering abstract entities but there is something logically unique in the infinite multiplication and interaction of the RNA that gave birth to complex and increasingly different forms of DNA.
Hence evolution started from a 1 and a 0 obedient to a sole law, with a single purpose and command:
Life of the Animated in inanimate worlds, Life where the concepts of destruction and creation can be interchanged.
That’s why destroying life itself on this planet would be equivalent to break up that code, it would be tantamount to affirming that that code contained itself a key for its own self-destruction.

Our Existence is Evolution, our Existence is subject to Evolution, we must bow and rejoice in it, not fight and kill each other, but enslave to the purpose of this Life in order to conquer the Universe.

On 21st Century we had already to own Colonies on Mars, extracting Helium-3 from satellites of Jupiter, launching probes in reconnaissance over the galaxy and spaceships with astronauts hibernated in cryogenetic cases.

Not wars, not daily stories of barbarism, out of logic and brutal nonsense that have nothing to do with all the reasons given by outputs of the first RNA nucleus over this small stone thrown in the sidereal void between the bright star lights that like alarm clocks remind us of all our infinite possibilities to become an integral part of the original mission that flows through our veins as well as an Assembler program listing.

There is a reason if the giant reptiles went extinct that goes beyond all the hypothesized apocalyptic scenarios theorized here and there since decades: Lizards would never have reached the Stars on a spaceship.

All that generates Life can not extinguish rather evolves for a purpose, which is always the same purpose since its earliest origins.

Killing what generates Life is to be considered a Dark Force, which ancient Greeks called Thanatos.

This Nemesis of Life, or Thanatos, has the sole task of reminding us how important Life is and how important we all are.
What is bringing species to extinction is a Satanic Thanatos worship whom is up trying to prove that God is wrong, that life can end, can become extinct, can kill definitely itself.

If this Hatred of Life will be able to prevail we and all we have achieved will simply disappear.

That senseless Abrahamic Religion written in the Talmud wants precisely this: life out of an existential logic, this insulting with contempt the Sacred Universal Order arising from the simple birth of RNA on Earth.

There is a reason if the heavenly God has stopped talking to the people who call themselves the chosen ones, and this reason is because they deeply hate him, insult him, prefer him dead, and by doing this they massacre and bloody the Creation and its children.

Really sad.

If there are other forms of life in the Universe they will not be different from us, they will have limbs to manipulate the matter at will, as we have done, they will have eyes, feelings, Arts of Existence, but above all they will share with us this same codified mission from the first basic and automatic impulse of their and our RNA:

Evolution of Life understood as the Superiority of a Thinking Being in Creation, whose purpose is the conquest of one’s own Destiny in orbit among all the Stars of the Universe.

Certainly extinction is not conquest but death.