From Penguin Pineal Glands to Global Military Projects to Fluorize Our Waters

From a strange diplomatic cable found in the Wikileaks archives a confirmation has been found on delusional psychosis that afflicts so said “Winners” of the Second World War.


It’s indicative that, instead of buying penguins, or rather their pineal glands, from Canada, the State Department preferred to buy them in Argentina, or even in Argentina.

Wandering a little through the net, we may reach to a conclusion: that all this has to do with the study of the nocturnal-diurnal regulation of organisms, given the fact that the pineal gland secretes serotonin and that from it derives melatonin, a substance capable of balancing aforementioned cycle, especially in the Antarctic and Arctic regions, where days and nights are longer than in our ordinary world.

However why the State Dept. was involved in this specific study?

Certainly the Army, defense and research divisions, are willing since decades to create drugs able to keep the soldiers awake and efficient from a transfer and another in case of military invasions or blitz attacks.

Maybe they were looking for some amphetamine substitute that wasn’t really addictive or bringer of heavy collateral effects.

It is easy, isn’t it? No, at all.

Do you know why Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of England?

Well, she was an established chemist.

I think she projected the chemical process that adds simple air useful to make light ice creams, or similar stuff, just to save on the product sold to the final recipient.

But I know with certainty that Margaret Thatcher poisoned the waters of the Northern Irish Catholic areas, known as hostiles to the United Kingdom, with fluoride.

I know. Our detractors will advance and claim that there is no a real and official document proving that Thatcher ordered such an operation.

However an undeniable fact remains, and it is officially known, that in 1987, in full Thatcher era, an astronomical expense has been made, promoted by Mrs Thatcher, and covered by U.K. revenue, in order to release a massive fluoridation campaign in Northern Ireland, a real matronistic concern about teeth of Irish youth…
Thatcher character, being an old aseptic bitch, poses doubt about this latter concern, and perhaps, or without, it was only a mere attempt to quell people and submit all citizens to autocratic dictates.

Oh yeah. Fluorine is a halogen, the lightest halogen and also the most electronegative element that does exist on Earth, a pale yellow diatomic gas under standard conditions.
Almost all the other elements, including some noble gases and compounds contain fluorine.
Fluorine on humans produces tranquilizing effects as it dramatically increases the process of calcification of the pineal gland, it is cause of “slow-motion in kinetic response”, and “delayed understanding of the surrounding world input and output”, basically “lagging in a proper adequate reply to daily and basic human interactions with their ambient”, summarizing: it makes humans like retarded children or demented elders.

It is thought that the progressive calcification of the pineal gland may be warned when dreams cannot be remembered, neither deep, nor morning, but above all of this, there is a total disappearance of the vivid and colored aspect of the dream functions.

Therefore a damage to pineal gland would cause a notable and impressive decrease of intellectual and cognitive functions, and damage to short and long lasting memory, last not least, damage to the central nervous system.

Not to mention when the Jews planned to KILL MILLIONS OF GERMANS BY POISONING THEIR WATERS WITH Thallium .

Nowadays a sort of similar thing is going to happen, Marxist E.u. Congress Member Frans Timmermans

wants to prohibit plastic bottles of mineral water for sale and require us to drink water from the tap.

This is the European Troika Directive regarding this.

So it will be easier for them to inject fluoride in water we drink and use for food, it will be easier for them to tame us all, to keep us on leash.

And it isn’t over.

In Italy , it is known, there are attempts by the Marxists to impose fluoridation of waters led by the Marxist academics of the C.N.R.

This is why Military and Political Sector is interested on the pineal gland study.

They will reduce us to live like penguins… in the best scenario…


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