“But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams., W. B. Yeats

I would not like write down this article during an afternoon of torrential rain but this is one of the few articles I had already thought to release in the last two or three years.

There are articles that you can do in minutes while others take hours, so it took me years to bring this one in surface.

Hatred like Love is a human emotion.

Science teaches us that opposites can not exist without their different part.

History does the same.

Even those who today protest against so said Fascist / Orwellian States, against Nationalism, and so on, and depict white nationalists one day as scary and another as nazi, racists, and alike wide nutter jam, know that their freedom to rage is manifested in violent protests against “their opposite”, they know that their indiscriminate and virulent hatred comes from centuries of war, tragedies, spilled young blood, destroyed lives, burned off only to seek a condition of peace through violence, and this violence is not an end in itself rather applied for a purpose, an idea, a vision of a bright future where it would be possible and easier to accomplish a Superior Order, or just you want call it Conquest of the known Universe.

We weren’t supposed to live as brutes.

I did not go to school, I did not read books,  newspapers, or I even began to write to see this planet burning in a spiral of violence “as end in itself”, rudely mitigated between silent genocides, corruption, lies and degeneration spread with drugs and obscenities, nowadays easily served to children, kids, youth in general, providing them nothing further than individual lives without a personality, a character, definitely an identity.

Equilibrium (2002) is a film that takes place in a potential Earth hurled into a dark dystopic future. After being devastated by a large-scale nuclear war surviving men decided to rely on psycho-technocratic leaders who successfully advanced a particular new type of psychological and scientific discipline capable of reviving the human concept of homogeneous society. Hence they rebuild it and administer its base from a Totalitarian State based on a single creed: Evil is Human Emotion, thus destroying “feeling” means getting rid of evil.

It is considered that any kind of human emotion led to chaos and devastation, not just hate, therefore love, joy, anger, fear.

The perpetrator of Evil is no longer politics of men, or their religious faith, but it’s the human ability to feel, simple is as emotion is, and this ability must be suppressed consciously and with discipline by injecting daily doses of a drug named Prozium II.

No one should be able to skip own daily dose of Prozium, else they will incur in the crime of “Feeling”, becoming a “Sense offender”, being blamed, arrested and sentenced to death execution by incineration.

Outside Equilibrium City, Libria,  there is a vast region inhabited by rebels, Nether, or Hell, where other survivors fight against the Council of Tetragrammaton,  its Supreme Leader, named Father, and his trained warriors, the clerics high skilled fighters in body-to-body combat.

Libria is a city built by using a Brutalist architecture, or Brutalism, not only proper coming from the fascist era but this is another story.

This is  the flag of Libria,

clear reference to the National Socialist flag, and also to the flag used by young Austrian nationalists during rallies in the 30s:

In addition, many scenes were shot in Berlin. According to the director, it was necessary to provide Libria with the image of a fascist City State, because in his opinion this kind of architecture makes individuals as insignificant beings. While we should so consider that in 2019 the current image of New York, London, Rome or Paris makes all individuals very meaningful human beings…
Other scenes were filmed in Germany, between slums and former military bases, some other shot was filmed in Eur, Rome, which was built by fascists.

I will not reveal for those who have not watched the film how the story unfolds and above all its ending, but I will clearly conclude by exposing a moral from it.

Hate as Love is not a feeling that lasts forever, it is a bit like Yin and Yang,

two elements that make up our psyche, interchangeable, and that we can not eliminate completely, you can not wipe out one without doing the same to the other, “sensing”, “feeling”, emotions are instinctive impulses innate in humans, they cannot be repressed, if anything then carried “in balance”: Love must not totally prevail over Hatred and this cannot equally prevail in a totalitarian way over Love.

The film explains precisely this: if Love would be able to annihilate Hatred then it would be the same for its opposite, therefore, despite these repeated “balancing acts” of words, our detractors are willing to annihilate not only the whites but the entire humanity starting from wiping out feelings generated by any type of human emotion.

If these chemical reactions are coded in our DNA, name them human emotions, there will be a reason: don’t you think so?

If our senses exist and have their proper functions so also our emotions “exist”, and all of them have an exclusive feature used to ensure survival of our specie on this planet.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

among stars…