Thomas Barrack, obviously first from left, he pushed Manafort to Donald Trump’s election campaign (who is now in prison). Why did Thomas Barrack receive $ 45,000,000 in Malaysian state funds stolen through the 1MDB-PetroSaudi?

Petrosaudi was founded by Tarek Obaid who also founded the EDOF, who hired Tony Blair

and made Mifsud the director of a brilliant and dirty multi-level operation.

We are sure that you know Joseph Mifsud, they talk about him in all the news from morning to night, in fact he disappeared without a trace in October 2017,

and if you do not know his name then you have serious problems with your hearing.
Mifsud , the guy who fed George Papadopulus, namely the information that: “Russia got Hillary Clinton e-mails”.
Which were later extracted by Alexander Downer, Clinton’s ally.

Why did the former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib receive $ 9 million on the same day he was playing golf with Obama?

Because they were part of that stolen money spent at the De Grisogono jewelry, located in the famous spot for Russian and Arab oligarchs, in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia.
Now we will have those AISE and AISI to beg for us, they’re thinking that we will make them comfortable, but we are not stupid, after all neither a God is stupid.

Thomas Barracks first company, Colony Capital, has orchestrated a complicated project involving companies based in Luxembourg to protect tens of millions of euros from Italian tax authorities after Colony’s 2012 sale of the Costa Smeralda resort to Qatar for €600m ($670millions).

Thomas Barrack is who kept Rick Gates (also arrested and on trial) at the White House, even though Donald Trump hated him.
As chairman of the inaugural committee, he not only lied to Donald Trump about the size of the crowd, but he channeled money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar through the inauguration.
And the dear Thomas, from this misconceived Kenyan-Hawaiian-Iraqi surname, is by pure coincidence also on the board of administration of the First Republican Bank, the bank that deposited the suspicious activity report on the payment settled to Stormy Daniels, the porn star involved with Donald Trump.

This gentleman is connected to four different areas of investigation sifted by Mueller, he has a connection with Mifsud, the guy who got the investigation on Russia, treated as a top priority, and then disappeared, like a real shitty mason could do.

Why did Qatar threatens Ice Cube? Why is Qatar trying to buy a Jared Kushner’s property?

They are trying to cover the biggest and most mysterious Clinton crimes, Clinton that now seems to transfer uranium and advanced technology to Russia through Veksleberg and Skokovo…
and to cover the alliance of Barrack Obama with the ruling families of Saudi Arabia, commissioned by its Israeli financiers, from Qatar and United Arab Emirates, in order to create the mercenary group of Islamic globalists, or jihadists, known as ISIS…