The Jewish Handshaking Solo

Many will remember this:

It was a sort of Flux Diagram made by Yair Netanyahu, son of Benjamin, the Israeli Premier. It’s a meme that represents a chain of master puppets, including Lizards, Masons, and other Jews, all managed by one Jew: George Soros. This tweet, and meme, after deleted by Yair caused a big wave of scandal among Jews and a big wave of appreciation among Non Jews Nationalists, including us. But what has it to do with Luigi Di Maio, the neo Italian Minister of M5Stelle Political Party?

The DailyStormer dedicated articles and a banner to Yair’s exploit.

As the Jewish Israeli Press…

The DailyStomer Banner featuring Yair as a Nationalist Star: 

However thinking to that Meme is undeniable as in other alike meme of same genre the sort of Jewish Handshaking Solo. It’s a revealing of satisfaction of wish, and desire, a bold vow..with what we use to identify and idealize our Enemy in an abstraction form, enjoying our ruins, also said scheming jew or happy merchant or happy usurer.

Well Neo Minister of Italian Welfare Luigi Di Maio , back at 2016, when he was only the VicePresident of Italian Parliament, visited Yad-Vashem in Israel:


Jerusalem, Di Maio al Yad Vashem: "Israel overcomes the politics of the walls, but the action of Hamas is terrorist"
The vice president of the Chamber leads the Five Stars delegation on the Middle East peace tour. In the museum of the Shoah asks the guide: "Is this where Fini condemned fascism?".
JERUSALEM - The day of Luigi Di Maio and the delegation of the 5 Star Movement in Israel began in Tel Aviv, at breakfast with the writer and director Etgar Keret. "He told us how Netanyau is neutralizing the opposition press by favoring the free press of an American billionaire..."
Then Di Maio speaks officially, saying what was written in Yad Vashem's book of honor on behalf of the 5 stars: ' In Italian etymology 'remember' - says he who is in fact the premier candidate in pectore of the Movement - means'to bring into the heart'. We need to put more heart into our everyday choices. What they mean for them 11 years of struggle in which they have managed to involve international associations and people from all over the world, including Israel. On the ground, on either side of the wall and barbed wire, are the bullets fired by the Israeli army against protesters who come to protest every Friday. "Since the beginning of the fight, 1300 people have been injured", says one of the organization's leaders in Arabic. One of their comrades was killed, the first thing they show - on the newly paved road - is the photo among the stones that reminds him.
Jerusalem, Di Maio al Yad Vashem: "Israel overcomes the politics of the walls, but the action of Hamas is terrorist", and still, "Wall policy is always something that must be overcome in some way - he explains - we are living it in Europe too and must be overcome". However, it immediately he balances with a declaration that goes to Israel: "Hamas action is a terrorist action, and if they do terrorist actions we condemn them".

Now Look , 2 years later, what he is doing , what kind of body position, and handshaking type, the pose that he assumes:

Don’t you find this enough weird?


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