Main goal of this thinking is to establish a scientific Zero-Sum game about Israeli Nuclear possession of atomic weapons.

I do really think they have no nuclear weapons. Their Religion would forbid them to store such dangerous device in their stolen unholy land.

Jewish People , the chosen one, the so claimed most intelligent people in this world, those who run academies, cinema, press, literature, everything… don’t own in their own stolen Nation even a Nuclear Power Plant. Check Pris at to see if I’m telling lies, oh well I could be anyone but a Jew.

Dimona, Negev Nuclear Research? Yes, it never worked, it was used only to show an appearance of a nuclear installation.

People should know by this time that also centrifuges used to make clandestine enrichment for weapons are harder to detect and verify, but why to be up in clandestine ways? Because of their size and huge power consumption, gas diffusion plants are difficult to keep hidden from, for example, overhead satellite photography.

Israel got two sort of nuclear power plants, or atomic research facilities to be more specifics:

Negev Nuclear Research Center

Soreq Nuclear Research Center


Behind Dimona’s barbed wire, the experts say, Israel has spun nuclear centrifuges virtually identical to Iran’s at Natanz, where Iranian scientists are struggling to enrich uranium

It means that these Nuclear facilities are only used to make warfare test in order to strike same structures in the heart of the enemy, just like Iran.

In order to enrich uranium centrifuges, and especially gas centrifuges, need a lot of electric power,
therefore Israel is not enriching uranium to make nuclear weapons.

At last not least, Nuclear Weapons need to be tested. All countries that own this kind of weapon tested it, even on own soil multiple times, like U.S., France, Great Britain, Russia, Pakistan, India, but not Israel.

There’s only a report of a so called Vela Incident that Jewish Journalists addressed as a Israeli Nuclear Weapon Test, but the Israeli authorities denied it.

Read everything they did on press and literature related as a bluff.

Israel got no Samson Option, it may be wiped today and no Jewish Reflex System would reply to a multiple launching set of nukes.

Jericho III? On any description of Israel and Nuclear Weapons it begins exactly like this: “It is believed…”,

You believe in God, or you have one or you don’t have. What kind of problems got the Israeli Warlords to show their big nukes to the world? They kill without interference any day several poor Palestinians people, guys, people with handicap, they are such monsters then BOOM.. “we can’t show you our Neutron Bombs.. or world would go in shock” , really?

Nuclear Weapons…they don’t have one.

Their only nuclear weapon is deception…since millennia.


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