“If you want peace, prepare for war”,
Book III De Re Militari, Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus’s


The famous Islamist Arfan Bhatti claims he has been falsely persecuted by the police and meets the state at the Justice and Emergency Ministry in court in October.
“The amount of money or material is of no importance to me. This is about the principle that the authorities are held liable for their unjustified prosecution of me”, said Bhatti to Nettavisen .
Arfan Bhatti has been convicted several times, including for threats, extortion and violence. He has also been acquitted in court for several charges, including terrorism planning.
Bhatti is personally prosecuted by the Oslo police district and police security service (PST) and meets the court next 15 October.
In two cases, Bhatti applied for reimbursement and other financial compensation. In documents other than the public, but as Nettavisen has gained access, it appears that Bhatti has been awarded $ 4,500 by the State Civil Protection Administration, which deals with cases where people believe they are wrongfully prosecuted.
This means Bhatti is too little. He therefore goes the way of the court.
Even PST believed Bhatti should have compensation and must be treated like others.
That a government office rejects makes us then have a court.
“The most important thing is that the state takes responsibility for its own mistakes, not the amount”, says Bhatti’s lawyer John Christian Elden.
The reason why Bhatti has not received more compensation is, according to the state civil law administration, that he has refused to explain to the police in a number of cases.
Like this, Bhatti has contributed to further proceedings and several investigative steps.
Another reason stated is that he has in various ways contributed to the crime committed by others.
Arfan Bhatti has also acknowledged offenses, even though he has not been convicted of this.

This is where we stand today. In the land of our ancient and proud Gods, where our ancestors once traced the lines of High Civilization, their blueprints today are burned down by these sons of bitch just like Bhatti’s lawyer, this person represents what we most fear of awful and lethal things among us, among our people, the betrayal of sense of Identity, the betrayal of the holy code transmitted to us from our glorious ancestors.

Elden, do you know that you are highly civilized only because “your ancestors” fought in rivers of blood and dirt, do you know it? Are you recalling the Norsemen yelled Thor while traveling in a giant ocean in storm?

Do not reply that is your duty as Lawyer, it is not. Bhatti , according to a civil law, must be deported away from Norway. Yesterday, not tomorrow.

He committed felonies, culprit of conspiracies against the State, against the people of Norway, he is not a guest anymore, how in the hel would you host such a snake in a room with your children, and innocent souls?

You and people with your alike mind are to blame for the decadence and the oblivion where the whole of Europe nowadays floats like a like a beautiful, wild girl on heroin.. who’s high as a kite, thinkin’ she’s on top of the world, not knowing she’s dying even if you show her the marks.

If you want peace, Prepare for War