This is Alice Bah Kuhnke, Sweden’s Minister of Culture who ordered the destruction of ancient Nordic artifacts. By allowing these non whites to key roles in European Government you have this, destruction of our Memory, Identity and Historical Heritage.
Deal with it.

SWEDEN. Invaluable iron objects from the Iron Age and Viking times are sent as scrap for metal recycling. It is noticeable by Svenska Dagbladet during Wednesday.
It is Johan Runer, archaeologist at Stockholm County Museum, who has been alarmed about how the county boards in Sweden disregard our cultural heritage. The reason is that they do not consider themselves having the resources to take care of and conserve all metallic objects found in connection with archaeological excavations.
In the article, an excavation of Flädie outside Lund in Skåne is taken as an example. The site was investigated by archaeologists in connection with the reconstruction of a traffic area last year at the E6 motorway. The report compiled in connection with the excavation lists a large number of findings.
But the archaeologists did not have the resources to take care of everything and were forced to “grind” a large number of objects, that is, send them to the shots. Among other things, a variety of coins and buttons, a knife and a ring.
Other items thrown out are amulet rings that were ritual objects of the Forensic Swede during the Vendel and Viking times.
“It is provocative when in other countries every effort is made to preserve the cultural heritage and dare to live for it,” says Lena Holmquist, archaeologist at Stockholm University, focusing on the Viking era.
According to SvD’s cultural writer Ola Wong, it is about “getting cheap and cheap away from the cultural heritage” in order to get started with planned road or house construction.
Runes also say that archaeologists do not give away or sell the find to collectors, something that could save them to the aftermath. The reason is that you do not want to create a market for antiques, thus encouraging robbers to go out with metal detectors to search for their own findings.

This is only metal to be melted not History, not Heritage, not Culture, not Sweden: