Her name was Pamela Mastropietro, her parents were divorced, her family broken, she has been sent in a community for girls in the same situation.

Eventually she escaped, met a Nigerian, who asked to have sex with her, she refused, then the Nigerian asshole gave her shit for heroine, then sent her in overdose.

After she fell in coma, the Nigerian killed her and cut her into pieces, slipped the rest of her body in two suitcases and dropped these in some road.

She was really beautiful… She represents the beauty of our women, she represents the result of the family destruction and the victims of these infamous Cultural Marxists and Jews that are flooding Europe with this Nigerian Savage Scums.

We whites aren’t supposed to born in hell and pass our entire life awaiting that savages make hamburgers of our precious flesh and soul.

Think who killed for first this girl and turn your sight to the bastards that permitted to an illegal alien to make havoc of this innocent angel.



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