Railway stations in Italy are now dangerous stations. Yet another aggression in Milan. Victims, this time, two Train Chiefs in Rogoredo. Attackers are North Africans without papers and tickets, who have targeted the two chiefs being “culprits” of having done their job, having stopped people who were not in good standing on an Intercity, having a paid ticket for the trip. It happened last Sunday.

“The situation is increasingly critical – says the regional councilor Fabio Altitonante, of FI – Going on public transport has become a danger, if you dare to contradict these illegal aliens then you are in danger and up to end at the hospital. Those who work on public transport or use them to get around are exasperated and terrified. Milan is at its limits in an overall manner ». Finger aimed at “the goodness of the Democratic Party”, the Cultural Marxist Party led by De Benedetti, the Jew that detains the 90% of Italian National and Regional Press. PD party has left our city without rules. Hence the request to the Prefect for “an immediate intervention to bring safety back to Milan and, in particular, to the Railway Stations”. According to various witnesses, near the Milan-Rogoredo station on board the Intercity 675 for Ventimiglia. It was just after five in the afternoon. According to many sources gathered by MilanoToday, two Train Chiefs (a man and a woman) were attacked with stone launches throw on them and then with brutal spitting, further to kicking and punching operated and executed by six young African immigrants.

While waiting for railway police patrol to arrive, the six would assault and throw stones at other passengers. Perhaps not to jeopardize the safety of the citizens on board, the Two Officers would therefore have decided to restart the convoy without further waiting for the arrival of the police agents. However once on their arrival in Ventimiglia, then, the two employees would have been able to report the incident to the Police authorities.

It’s not an easy time for the Train personnel. One of them, for example, was hit with an umbrella on board a train between Milan and Piacenza on January 10th. In December, however, a train conductor was fired by Trenord who, according to a video posted on the web, shouted :”negro di merda”-“nigro of shit” to a savage who had locked up him in the bathroom while stealing his phone. “The new episode in the news comments Silvia Sardone, councilor in the municipality – once again highlights are on the serious issue of safety on trains and in general on the security of transport. More and more immigrants without tickets use violence against controllers and travelers”.


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