ROME – Italy is less secure according to Silvio Berlusconi and this is due to the fact that there are “476 thousand immigrants and more who have to commit crimes for eating”.

Guest of a notorious italian tv show, the leader of Forza Italia in over an hour of interview show in which among other things he explained why 23 years after his first electoral campaign that there is still once “need” of him, this time to stem a new “danger”, the M5S. “More than a party – he said – they are a sect and are worse than the post-communists of ’94”, “What they did in life before applying?”, Berlusconi then illustrated the priorities of the center-right program, the increase in minimum pensions at 1000 euros, to be extended to “mothers”. A front, the latter, on which there is a vigilant harmony with the Allies of  his Political Side.

“We have to intervene with Europe to stipulate treaties with coastal countries and proceed to bring these migrants back. Today the neighboring countries have closed their borders. We have all the illegals and we’re alone in this giant task. We must return – he added – to a widespread military presence in the cities. The presence of a uniform, alone, is even a deterrent against those who got bad intentions against our citizens and Country”.


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