In these days we read in some (((News))) a recurrent name for 2020 Presidential Elections in United States: Oprah Winfrey. This pumped out especially after the notorious (((Golden Globe Award Ceremony))) where this nigro actress won the prize and launched herself into this sort of oblivion stairway to White House Throne.

Hold on, but the actresses at Golden Globe weren’t wearing of black on the golden globe red carpet to stand in favor of humiliated women recently involved in the Harvey Weinstein Scandal ?

And the last year wasn’t Meryl Streep to denounce in an infamous speech the fears for the Election of Donald J Trump as U.S. President because he as man used to treat women like common items ?

What’s going on here? Is the Memory just an optional? Is the Truth just a worth for someone instead than for everyone ?

Oprah called Weinstein to offer her support and pushed him to defend himself.

Oprah used to help Weinstein in its “recruitment” of young actresses for his dirty purposes.

Let’s refresh the memory about who is this Oprah “Weinstein” Winfrey: