The Making of an American Nazi by white traitor Luke O’Brien is something that has to be read keeping the mind hilarious.

Let’s begin to check the authentic journalism of a self professed and leftist journalist and how his #fakenews might be stopped.

Pages not commented are considered only mere bullshit:

Page 1:


A Prank Call described, no proof of it, no record, only the word of a woman. End of story.

Page 2:


“She didn’t even have a key to her house”, seriously ? That’s heaven but how suddenly it became a hell of white supremacists all around then ?

Page 3:


“He commanded his readers, his “stormer troll army” to hit’em up:

His readers , as this jerk puppet names them, are also thousand of Silicon Valley Operators, Engineers, Programmers.. How exactly this equation works according to the atlantic’s author ? I become a reader then I’m a soldier of the Troll Army ?

I’m a follower of Anglin, a friend and apprentice of Weev, since years, and for the time told in your shit piece I was in their IRC Channel, and… I didn’t receive the order, or a forced call to action… this is Internet, not a Real Third Reich as you would make it appear to your dumb readers.

Then the shit piece continues… a monotony of reported threats without a single proof of what is written down so minutely , depicting the “drama of a lady” in danger like in old middle age novels.



“A rabbi had paranoid visions of skinheads in the woods with nightvision goggles and scoped weapons, police increased patrols…”

Now imagine for a moment what our Troll and White Power is able to inculcate into these people… or they play as in the poorest of the theaters, or they think for real that, SS armies and special units sent to kill our enemies , storm of trolls invading house after house seeking Jews… When A Clockwork Orange meets the Third Reich… Glorious !!!

But… “In the end, no one showed up, no European Nationalists (Damn I missed the Rendez-Vous for the storming parade), no Hamas, no armed skinheads”…

🙁 Sadness….



“He lied to me repeatedly” , I didn’t know that things changed.. I mean if you tell the truth to a leftist journalist he won’t report it, he wont’ write about it, he will make a fake of it, he will censor it, he will transform that truth in his own lie, his own ideology, he will mask the reality with his marxist reality, after all who could deny that marxists didn’t ever apply their cover up in real information since Soviet Union times ? So, why to tell truths to this kind of journalists , lies makers, cucks ?



OBrien then plays the Teacher card…: “Why would I think one of my students would become a Nazi who wants to kill me?” , Oh God… The Teachers…

Teachers leave kids alone…They don’t need education… Wasn’t the Leftard’s Motto while being on drugs and dreaming a future inside the Donald Duck’s gold pool ?

The accuse that makes of DS Readers some sort of ferocious killers continues… I would know directly from this wannabe journalist what Charles Manson read in his life? Or what read all the serial killers before 2013 or so ? And that feral nigger that shot the whites in the baptist church some week ago? IS savages read DS? It would be nice to know. And so on… What a pity.

PAGE 10:


Obrien goes into the childhood and youth of Andrew Anglin without a single piece of evidence of what he tells that delved from his past, however and for real there’s no scandal in what he tells mixed with evident lies.

Drugs. Who in this society or in the ancient societies didn’t try out drugs ? I know the Answer : Luke O’Brien ! Clap , clap, clap…

And again : “Who has not been involved deeply in the Brainwashing Machine Propaganda orchestrated and directed by Jewish Media, Cinema, TV, Education, Music, etc. ?  Hold on… I know the answer…: LUKE O’BRIEN !!!

It’s not easy to get awareness of what (((modern times))) we’re in , we ‘re living, through thousand of difficulties, hard interactions with different generations, stories, connections, versions. It’s a wide flux of information that make bigger the Chaos against the Order. Once you get awareness of this, simply you ‘re trying to revert the equation: Order against Chaos. There’s nothing weird about it, nothing wrong with it, except that Cultural Marxism keeps fueling Chaos and this wannabe journalist named O’Brien is only a drop of its gasoline. What an insignificant shame for a human being must be to live in his comatose status…

PAGE 11:


I think it was 1999 or 2000 when I visited for first and last time Who in the first age of WWW didn’t do it ? I know the answer ? I know it: Luke O’Brien!

PAGE 15:


It is self explained. O’Brien in 5 words demolishes more than a tonne of materials, scientific evidences, missing items, contradictory testimonies, allied spy reports, log interceptions, etc. Not happy with it he paints all black the ZOG , claiming that ZOG doesn’t exist , what irony for a journalist paid by Jews telling that. Miserable cash for deplorable lies.

PAGE 19:


A parent watching his child playing with toys… imagine his own son immersed into a fantasy world of battles, abstractions as the same powers of a magician then used to change the reality, according to own will and wish. Here, Obrien made of Andrew Anglin a romantic dreamer of a lost age, a  Nazi Shaman that will restore a New Reich in this world. Thanks Luke, the force is now strong in us !

PAGE 21:


“Anglin warned his Stormers not to threaten targets with violence..” and bla, bla, bla, did you see through these words the easy will to make appear DS Readers as sort of remote controlled devices , Drones, A.I. ? Stunning trial, especially the part of the “shield him from the law enforcement” as he , according to this obrien’s opinion, is making something of wrong. There’s nothing wrong spreading White Awareness, are you afraid of this obrien dude ?

PAGE 22:


And now the psychological card! Obrien dude tells of two scholars from Australia that published a sort of essay on troll behaviors, it lacks of something however, I will fix it:

“Trolls tend to be high in cognitive empathy to members of own race, meaning they can understand emotional suffering in own likes and sharers of common identity, but low in affective empathy toward who doesn’t share their identity, values and traditions, meaning they don’t care about the pain they cause in other races while defending their own from all the others that are daily trying to wipe it out.”

Because we love own race, we are: ” skilled and ruthless manipulators”, and the Jew is any different ?

PAGE 23:


“But comScore put the site’s monthly visitors closer to 70K”, amazing. So as he writes in a decadent wave of indolent shame DS makes that per day, 70 thousand of visitors, not more than 2M of visitors as claimed in the previous pages. Obrien then WROTE DOWN 31 PAGES of Webpages to tell the story of an insignificant, small, website like Dailystormer. Now , after this tremendous shock, kids won’t dream anymore to become journalists when they will grow up, thanks to  Obrien dude :”the sadness bringer”.

PAGE 24-25-26


Obrien dude paints the figure of Anglin as a cyberstalker but doing this he also reveals that to catch him up he had to become a cyberstalker himself going after Anglin whereabouts , even harassing his relatives , just like Anglin’s brother. Imagine opposite: “Anglin went after me chasing also my brothers and sisters, I’m afraid…I’m in danger, nazi are stalking me, help me , I don’t want die, I don’t want be gassed…HELP…”.

Chuck Johnson is a champion of journalism, a real journalist not just a wannabe fake as you obrien leftard dude.


“the risk, however, is that if Anglin prevails in court, sadistic trolls, will be free to tear across the Internet with even greater abandon”, yes, it’s a risk, a risk that the people of your same ream won’t actually run into, despite the sex serial offenders populating Hollywood Media Machine, Bank Accounts At Cayman Islands owned by George Soros, immigrant rapes and riots through Western Countries, Coward Islamic Attacks against innocents, women, children , kids, slaughtering of own species without a single, possible, and valid solution that we’re awaiting from the people of your  R E A M .



Many of us never liked Discord, you needed to scroll for 5 minutes to see days worth backlog and usually its nothing but old memes. Obrien dude credited the swastika printer troll to the Discord, and we all know the postscript was written by one our brothers in the DS IRC, the real chat we belong to, and not the place where obrien dude went to idle as a rat.
Nonetheless without a single screenshot or video he claims that talks were about genocide, killing jews and niggers, hearing screams. Why not just hacking a Nuclear Base, hijacking nuke target routes to destroy Middle East ? We minimized to a sort of Gutemberg Nazi printers. Sadness.



Did you hear Alex Fields singing : “White Sharia” while driving his car into the crowd ? No, he drove his car trying to escape from a violent crowd that surrounded his vehicle and made him unable to get out of it, panic, humans feel it, you should know what it means, then under this sharp pressure how many are able to take the right decisions? He pulled his car in the midst of them but Heather Heyer didn’t go below it but rather she died because of heart attack. Fear, humans feel it, you should know what it means…



“Anglin lost many readers”, what delicious analysis written down by a scrupulous graph and impact wave line generators, can’t wait to see it… give it to us OBrien Dude…

Yes, Anglin is the King of Trolls, maybe also the Last King of Trolls, but who are you obrien dude if not the Last Servant of the Jews ?

This has been the answer of the servant: