Oh well, well It could look as I and my friends would be very against black colored people, but it’s not like this. I got in past some black friend and they are ok when civilized. The fact is , remains and persists that we don’t want mix with them and they should not think different than this. Indeed, we respect much those blacks who invoke Black Nationalism, to make great their own homeland.

For this purpose a true story will follow this line, a true story of feeling, race, blood and soil of belonging, happened in Italy not many years ago.

Habtamu is a black boy and his story is the concrete story of a multiculturalist and race mixing disaster, hypocrisy, not love but a drama.

Habtamu who was African and a boy 13 years old, committed suicide, 4 years ago , 2013.
The story begins when he got adopted at 2007 from an Italian couple, leaving in Ethiopia not only older brothers and sisters, but also an important part of his story. Soon , after he came in Italy, he began flushing questions to his adoptive parents: “Why me? Why did you choose me? Why did not I stay in Africa?”.
Unanswered questions.
Do you know some children that never often don’t ask questions about life, meaning of it, God, own blood legacy?
We all have these questions since we were kids , these questions shaking our head and slowing our mind overloaded trying to solve a puzzle as a kind of game day after day , night after night, because it’s not easy to figure out what your place is in the world, and in what world you are in. Let’s imagine then what can happen when you find yourself in another country, and in your head shuffle various memories of a time when everything was different. Who I am? Why am I here?
Thus the boy was not ok with the situation who since the beginning he didn’t choose to face. He tried to escape an year early trying to reach Africa. He left a small town in the province of Novara, where he was on vacation with his adoptive parents, who desperately went after him until Naples where he was almost leaving from there for Sicily. He knew where Ethiopia was. He wanted to know if he was really so far away. And then he left, with nothing, except a map of Italy in his pocket.

Maybe he just needed to find his roots.
Maybe he was oppressed by the guilt, he got aware of own diversity and decided that this diversity was not good for him, for his life, caring about own blood’s family legacy more than his own blood.

Apparently, Habtamu was a very mature and awaken human being as he liked loneliness and long walks where we can clearly tell that his mind ran directly in one only direction: Africa, Ethiopia.

Not only white race a day will risk own end if the diversity and the multiculturalism, this tyranny of the Jewish melting pot will continue to invade, brainwash and tell lies to white and black people.