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Michael Treschow is among first of the most influential people in Swedish business today.

Treschow has strong connections with Wallenberg Family, already Senior Advisor at their Foundation.

Wallenberg family (known as The Wallenbergs or simply Wallenbergs) is a prominent Swedish family renowned as bankers, industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats.

The most famous of these Wallenbergs is Raoul Wallenberg, a diplomat, worked in Budapest, Hungary, during World War II to rescue Jews from the Holocaust, being a Jew himself.

Wallenberg was aware of his one-sixteenth Jewish ancestry, and proud of it. It came from his great-great-grandfather (his maternal grandmother’s grandfather) Michael Benedicks, who immigrated to Stockholm in 1780. Professor Ingemar Hedenius (one of the leading Swedish philosophers) recalls a conversation with Raoul dating back to 1930, when they were together in an army hospital during military service:

“We had many long and intimate conversations. He was full of ideas and plans for the future. Although I was a good deal older – you could choose when to do your service – I was enormously impressed by him. He was proud of his partial Jewish ancestry and, as I recall, must have exaggerated it somewhat. I remember him saying, ‘A person like me, who is both a Wallenberg and half-Jewish, can never be defeated’.”

He returned to Sweden in 1936 and obtained a job in Stockholm with the help of his uncle and godfather, Jacob Wallenberg, at the Central European Trading Company,an export-import company trading between Stockholm and central Europe, owned by Kálmán Lauer, a Hungarian Jew.

More telling was a communique sent on 7 November 1944 by the OSS, Secret Intelligence Branch in Bari, Italy which apparently acknowledged that Wallenberg was acting as an unofficial liaison between the OSS and the Hungarian Independence Movement (MFM), an underground anti-Nazi resistance organization.The OSS message notes Wallenberg’s contacts with Geza Soos, a high-ranking MFM leader and further explains that Soos “may only be contacted” through the Swedish legation in Budapest, which was Wallenberg’s workplace and also served as the operational center for his attempts to aid the Hungarian Jews. The same message’s assertion that Wallenberg “will know if he (Soos) is not in Budapest” is also curious, in that by November 1944 Soos was in hiding and knowledge of his whereabouts would only have been available to individuals closely involved with the MFM. This conclusion is given further weight by additional evidence[91] suggesting that communications from the MFM to US intelligence were transmitted first to Stockholm and then relayed to Washington via Iver C. Olsen, the American OSS operative who initially recruited Wallenberg to go to Budapest in June 1944.

This particular disclosure has given rise to speculation as to whether, in addition to his efforts to rescue the Hungarian Jews, Wallenberg may have also been pursuing a parallel clandestine mission aimed at politically destabilizing Hungary’s pro-Nazi government on behalf of the OSS.

In 1991, Vyacheslav Nikonov was charged by the Russian government with investigating Wallenberg’s fate. He concluded that Wallenberg died in 1947, executed while a prisoner in Lubyanka. He may have been a victim of the C-2 poison (carbylamine-choline-chloride) tested at the poison laboratory of the Soviet secret services.

The US Congress made Wallenberg an Honorary Citizen of the United States in 1981,the second person to be so honored, after Winston Churchill. In 1985, the portion of 15th Street, SW in Washington, D.C. on which the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is located, was renamed Raoul Wallenberg Place by Act of Congress.


This Jew , Raoul Wallenberg, helped the Jewish Resistance in Hungary against the Third Reich having a strong connection with OSS , later known as CIA. Got captured by Soviet after the Red Army pushed away the Germans from Hungary , and later killed mysteriously at Lubyanka while prisoner of Russians.

His family influence and power explains how much Sweden became after the second war a Z.O.G. Country with all the evil consequences that is revealing, especially today under the invasion.

Black Market Weapons, Olaf Palme, Barbaric Immigration Waves, Assange’s affaire, etc. all must be explained under this Jewish Domination Dark Light.