Statue of Neptune (Poseidon) at Melenara Beach, Gran Canaria:

I searched to find some information more but most I found if not else it is in spanish.

However, this statue is a sort of mighty colossus, pagan, erected at the insular canarian coasts , exactly located at Melenara Beach, as one of the few monumental sculptures integrated in a beautiful scenario with true nature as background. A Neptune at the same time beneficent and frightening, fierce and brave, watchful and playful.

Neptune at the tip of Melenara with one hand he holds the trident and with the other he invites to enter in the sea.

When the tide goes up it appears as walking in the waters.

Other times during storms, the sea through giant waves crashes over Neptune’s back making him still powerful and glorious. By watching it we feel not so far away from our ancestral fear of the Gods…