The Decay of Western Civilization

Helmuth Nyborg in the essay “The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection” concluded that: “Westerners will soon be a minority in Europe, and the average QI will go down so much that prosperity, democracy and civilization will be only a distant memory.

Professor Helmuth Nyborg now writes about the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, which in 2016, current immigration policy offers us three alternative alternatives: submission, mass repatriation or civil war.

Unless Europe will begin seriously to conduct a responsible immigration policy and will be led by the theory of evolution, according to the scientist, a civil war will be the most likely hypothesis we have in an imminent future.

He writes: “One does not remove the problem of explosive population growth with infant right-wing extremist accusations.”

The scientist accuses his fellow students of being terrified by telling the truth. That is to say that importing individuals from the lower intellectual quotient is not a wealth but a burden on future generations.

He writes: “The number of low-QI immigrants with relatively high fertility has already brought Denmark and much of Europe beyond the point of no return.”

He adds, “we can not ignore that QI low is related to the greater predisposition to crime.”

He explains how the QI is genetic, and therefore not quite ‘elastic’ to eliminate the huge gap between Europeans and Africans or Arabs. For this, he says, “we must return to Darwin or preferably set a Darwin 2.0”

He accuses: “Unfortunately, not only did academics failed endangering wealth of our civilization and its people but also bishops and priests, feminists, humanitarians, Save the Children, the Red Cross, and many more. “

He concludes: “All this leaves us with a quick choice: submission, repatriation or civil war.”

Make your choice.


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