I never liked them, dogs, ultrahype ballheads, hog men walking, empty cucken nests, these are the so said Skinheads, vulgar people that ruined the far right image and have nothing to do with the true meaning and spirit of NationalSocialism.

Skinheads were the prisoner of the camps, their haircut was due precisely to the simply fact that was common belief in those years that flea and ticks traveled hidden inside hair of the people, thus hair were brought to zer0 trying to avoid the infection’s diffusion.

Skinheads and their stadium vulgarity have nothing to do with Nationalism principles and culture.

Dr.Wiliam Pearce on this argument, “Skinheads are poisoning us…”:

Some chosen comment to it:

“Skinheads are literally White niggers, they are useful idiots at best and untermensch at worst. The irony is they consider themselves “neo-nazi’s” , but these degenerates would be the first people the Fuhrer would remove from society. They misinterpret his teachings as “despising everyone different from you” which of course is nothing but the propagandized Jewish Hollywood version of Nat.Soc.- and not at all in line with what the NSDAP truly taught or tried to accomplish, fuck those people reflect poorly on all of us.”

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