In these sad days when the European Continent is invaded with increasing flow rate of illegal immigrants having the complicity of Liberal and Democratic Parties further to Religious Political Contest like the Vatican as never happened before in History, we are witnessing in the middle of this unforgettable and unforgiven insanity to the following kind of propaganda coming from Propaganda Networks funded by Jewish Lobbies resumed in this video:


The Video is a total fake, this is why :

First, in Youtube after many and many searches , ten people at least tried, we were unable to find it.
122 MILLIONS OF CLICK in one only week , so this http://Repubblica.it Online Newspaper, the biggest Newspaper in Italy, owned by De Benedetti Family, Jewish family subsidiary of another Jewish Family, the Rothschild, titled and wrote over that text , which we paste here in screenshot:

Here the Youtube Page with most popular Video in Norway today, 11 june 2017 :


And after all, Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, here:


The typical worker earns a higher salary in Norway than in any other country in the world, with Norwegian wage earners taking home more than double the median per-capita global income, a Gallup survey of household incomes published on Tuesday has revealed. The median income in Norway came out at just under 120,000 kroner per year ($19,300), according to Gallup, well ahead of a typical income of $18,630 in Sweden, the next highest earning country.
Thus… how that Norwegian kid is poor in school ? And the Black boy , who is not and never will be a real Norwegian , is richest than him ?
This spot is a total fake, an historical fake built on a desk, the same desk where are printed these newspapers and magazines ,  A JEWISH THEATRICAL DESK:
Aren’t you ashamed as Europeans, as Whites, to be served like this by who you think is a poor victim, tortured and persecuted for free , without reason, instead the poor victim is your real and biggest Enemy ?
Don’t you feel shame , even a bit of it ?




American Psycho : La Saponetta da Visita


  1. Che schifo! E noi lo stiamo permettendo senza far niente!!!

  2. Nessuno si fa domande , prendono per buono quello che vedono in TV o nei siti ufficiali della TV e del Potere come Repubblica.
    Il grosso gia’ e’ stato fatto con le bugie perpetrate su quello che chiamano Olocausto.
    Quando facciamo domande o ci prendono per pazzi , insultandoci, o non rispondono e ci censurano, perche’ non sono mai stati preparati per affrontare l’ intelligenza in maniera indipendente, quindi non hanno argomenti, partendo dalla scuola.
    Questa gente oltre a non essere seria, ne’ preparata, oltre a non essere perspicacemente intelligente, oltre a non aver imparato dalla Storia lo studio dell’ evoluzione umana e della Civilta’ umana, e’ cattiva e procede per gli opposti dei punti appena menzionati: idiozia, ignoranza, ipocrisia, involuzione, inbarbarimento dell’ essere umano.

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