Boy 10 years old arrested in Moscow , Russia, for reciting Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This is not acceptable being Shakespeare a great , an Anti-Semite Vanguard, or Judeo-Phobic , as written in here.

We truly hope that Russian Authorities will punish those cops and in a memorably way.

The father of the detained boy apologized. The issued protocol on administrative violation for improper performance of parental responsibilities is canceled. A service check will be carried out for the police officers who detained the child. Also, the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights, Anna Kuznetsova, promised to “sort everything out”.
Let me remind you this:
In the center of Moscow, police officers detained a 10-year-old boy who read Hamlet by W.Shakespeare, and took him to the police department, despite protests of his mother.
According to Skavronsky, the father, his wife and son were walking around the Arbat area. On Vozdvizhenka Street, the boy began to recite to passers-by fragments from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, while his mother was 20-25 meters away from him.
“My wife sat, read the book, and the child recited the Hamlet, then a police squad arrived, they talked about something without her participation, then they twisted it, there is a video recording of what was happening.
They began to shove – she came up, tried to prevent it, – says the father of the child.
As noted by Skavronsky, during the detention the police behaved rudely and swore.
As a result of his wife’s attempts to prevent her son from being detained, her clothes were torn and the tablet broke….
The child’s father explains that when he recited poems his son did not beg:
“He is engaged in theatrical activities. For him, these outlets on the street – this is the struggle with the complexes. ”
The boy was taken to the Arbat Internal Affairs Department. Now there are his parents.
The father is made up of a protocol on an administrative offense under Article 5.35 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (non-fulfillment of the parent’s obligations for upbringing).
Skavronsky did not sign the protocol because of disagreement with its content.
The boy’s father added that his wife was ill.
He noted that in a private conversation the Deputy Head of the Department of Internal Affairs threatened him with possible detention of his wife on charges of attacking police officers.[…]


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