The House of Rothschild

I think without of any doubt that this is not only the greatest biographic movie made by Boris Karloff but also the greatest movie produced, and directed in the 30’s.

The House of Rothschild is a 1934 American pre-Code film written by Nunnally Johnson from the play by George Hembert Westley, and directed by Alfred L. Werker. It chronicles the rise of the Rothschild family of European bankers.

In 1780 in Frankfort, Prussia, youngster Nathan Rothschild warns his parents Amschel and Guttle that the taxman is coming. They hurry and hide their wealth, including currency, silver, etc. The taxman demands…

-Subtitles available[CC].

While nearly all of the film is in black and white, its final sequence was one of the first shot in the three-strip Technicolor process, along with the MGM musical The Cat and the Fiddle, released in February 1934.


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