This is the Fall.

We have been deceived.

The only wall that the actual #Potus will be remembered to touch will be the eastern wall.

Trump kneel before Pope Francis, culprit to allow mass illegal immigration into Christian and Conservative Europe.

Degeneracy, Chaos, Repression of White Identity and Memory is increasing while we’re writing this.

Today , I just feel as I’m living The Fall of the Third Reich, the last days.

Europe is like a girl, high on drugs , who runs with a heavy weight on her neck and ready to jump from a peak into the sea and we are just unable to stop her although we yell and trying our best efforts in an allegedly attempt to bring her to awareness.

New Europeans chosen to die, whatever strategy, events, mass murders happened, happen and will happen to them are not enough to wake up them from their inducted deep sleep.

We must watch die our children like they die under an earthquake or a car, not because infamous Governments permit their murders.

Politicians, journalists, white traitors, masking a subtle degenerated tyranny with words like democracy, diversity, tolerance.

I’m done.



2 thoughts on “THE FALL

    1. Exactly.
      The Jew Philosophers weren’t different form Jewish Rabbis,
      they controlled Capital and Labor and forced people in a clash of false ideologies.
      They brainwashed western societies with Hollywood propaganda Machine:
      speaking the word “Jew” common people identify it as “Victim” not as the Capitalist Warmonger Culprit.


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