Rothschild is the (((new))) power behind Yukos…

Lord (Jacob) Rothschild is the secret holder of the large stake in Yukos that was previously controlled by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the famous oil company’s chairman. Khodorkovsky, reputed to be Russia’s richest man, was  arrested by Russian prosecutors on charges of fraud and tax evasion. His imprisonment has triggered a trustee agreement he put in place with Rothschild a few months ago.

Rothschild, 67, now controls the voting rights on a stake in Yukos worth almost £8 billion. This places him at the center of a dispute with the Russian state. It is widely believed that the charges being brought against Khodorkovsky are a response to his political ambitions to succeed Vladimir Putin as Russia’s President and so put Russia under Rothschild full control.

By 1998, Khodorkovsky had built an empire worth of 80 million rubles (about $10 million USD).
In the 1998 Russian crash, however, his bank went in a crackdown and Yukos got serious problems.
Thus Khodorkovsky stated “business could no longer be just a game” and “capitalism could make people not only rich and happy but also poor and powerless,” he “swore off his absolute faith in wealth just as he had sworn off his absolute faith in Communism.”

After the price of oil began to rise again, he established a foundation, Open Russia, in 2001. It was based in Somerset House in London, owned by the Rothschild’s Family Trust, with Henry Kissinger as its trustee.

However Russian Justice brought this Jew under trail , arresting him for frauds and crimes against Russian people.

The U.S. State Department said about Khodorkovsky’s arrest :
“raised a number of concerns over the arbitrary use of the judicial system”
and was likely to be very damaging to foreign investment in Russia, as it appeared there were “selective” prosecutions occurring against Yukos officials but not against others.

A week after the arrest, the Prosecutor-General froze Khodorkovsky’s shares in Yukos in order to prevent Khodorkovsky from selling his shares although he retained all the shares’ voting rights and received dividends.

In 2003 Khodorkovsky’s shares in Yukos passed to Jacob Rothschild under a deal that they had concluded prior to Khodorkovsky’s arrest.

Once the Jew went out of prison at 2014, he went at Israel to set off a new company and then went to live and work  in Switzerland under Rothschild supervision and blessing.