Khazars were the convertors who constitute nowadays the Jews Ashkenazis. They are different than the Arab Jewish, or Semites, the people from Khazar Tribe were never lost and their tribe wasn’t even a Jewish tribe although Jew Ashkenazis call them the 13th tribe just to insinuate that they descend and are of a concrete Semite origin…

Bypassing all the history about the lost tribes of Israel and reducing it to an attempt from many rabbis to give reconnaissance to presumed Jewish people around the world like a Jewish Rabbi named Mennaseh Ben Israel , a printer from Amsterdam, who wrote The Hope of Israel at 1649 , in Spanish and in Latin in Amsterdam, telling that Montezinos’ account of the Lost Tribes in the New World where he argued, and for the first time tried to give learned support in European thought and printing, to the crazy theory that the native inhabitants of America at the time of the European discovery were actually descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. So in 1655, Menasseh ben Israel asked officially to Oliver Cromwell to allow the Jews to return to England in furtherance of the Messianic goal. (Since the Edict of Expulsion in 1290, Jews had been prohibited by law from living in England.) With the approach of 1666, considered a significant date, Cromwell was allegedly interested in the return of the Jews to England because of the many theories circulating related to millennial thinking about the end of the world. Many of these ideas were fixed upon the year 1666 and the Fifth Monarchy Men who were looking for the return of Jesus as the Messiah; he was expected to establish a final kingdom to rule the physical world for a thousand years. Messianic believers supported Cromwell’s Republic in the expectation that it was a preparation for the fifth monarchy—that is, the monarchy that should succeed the Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman world empires.

This is how Oliver Cromwell ended after he allowed the Jews to return in England:

However the Jewish connection to England is not that tight and cuneiform abstract from a simple rabbi’s mind but got tough ties just in a movement named British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) which holds the view that the people of England (or more broadly, the people of Great Britain) are “genetically, racially, and linguistically the direct descendants” of the Ten Lost Tribes of ancient Israel.

In summary: the tribes that apparently went lost after the Assyrian captivity went up to north Europe til reaching England and exactly the Scotland.

It is to say that the Scythians, Cimmerians and Goths were formally directly descendants of these lost tribes, and progenitors of the later invaders of Britain. Thus Western European Gothic peoples among the descendants of the Israelites and this got a source also in Herodotus who reported that the ancient Persians called all the Scythians Sacae, but that they called themselves Scoloti, Scotti, Scots.

This Jewish theory has been built on a desk to impose from doubtful relics that England and then American people descend directly from Jewish people allowing (((a day))) a holy merge of the whole (((tribes))) in (((One))). This goes beyond any understanding to (((prove))) that actual U.K. Monarchy Bloodline comes directly from the Holy Monarchy of Israel:

A man of science could not admit anything of this theory and historical connections, however there are heavy and based ties between English Monarchy and Israel that can not be denied by someone:


and a fresh strong connection of all that has been written above gets its own form of reality just today:

and then American people descend directly from Jewish people allowing (((a day))) a holy merge of the whole (((tribes))) in (((One))).