Stop Illegal Immigration ! Defend Europe !

In Italy there’s no political party that is actively defending borders,

Movimento 5 Stelle are a bunch of cheaters, people with scarce skills with no ideology , that voted in the Italian Parliament to delete the crime of Illegal Immigration, so shame on them.

Casapound, Forza Nuova , Lega Nord and Fratelli d’Italia are so said Right Wing Parties but they are pro Jews , insulting those like us that tell since the first hour that International Finance, Wall Street, Hollywood, and European Union are controlled by Bankers, like the Jewish Family of Rothschild and Multi Millionaire Jews like George Soros, and also Jews like De Benedetti Family. These so said Italian Right Wing Parties got no clue of History, got no clue of what to do to stop the invasion, they are only good to take public money and live with this infamous cash stolen from citizen’s pocket.

These guys from the Identitarian movements, DailyStormer, AltRight, Front National, AfD, are the only hope and key to White European Identity Survival.

Help them , help yourself to save what’s coming destroyed any hour, any day in our beautiful continent !


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