The Drone Kings II

The S-100 remotely piloted aircraft stay aloft for about 6 hours, cover 97 nautical miles of ocean at 100 to 241km/h and send back high resolution images using sensitive day or night optics.

Not to mention attachments like weapons systems or mine detection kits.

Only its navigation system alone is like 200K €uro, the total cost for any drone is around 400K €uro.

Factories that build this kind of drones are owned by Schiebel – AT

MOAS , NGO , up to flood European continent with thousand of illegal immigrates any 24hrs per 7 days per 365 days , yearly:


Who’s paying for the huge cost of all this hardware, its management and maintenance ?

Vessel-Ship Cost per day= 20K €uro

Single Drone Cost = 400K €uro


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