“The Drone Queen” is the first episode of the fourth season of the American television drama series Homeland. It depicts the show protagonist Claire Daines aka Carrie to give an executive order to perform an air strike using USF Drones successfully destroying a farmhouse where Daesh Terrorists are located….

Since end of 2016 , out in reality, ISIS Terrorists began to make a wide open use of drones, often downing and reverse engineering drones of enemy air forces.

Here we are showing pictures and Terrormonitor.org tweets telling and picturing with the same Daesh release documents this situation and we ‘re warning Western Authorities about this new and real threat that could be released in a true immediate future in our cities.

Daesh drone management is able to capture video, carry bombs, remote control drones during over night time.

After the Drone Queen new drone kings rise from the desert ashes but they are infamous ones…