An uber-secure, windowless tower of doom in the center of Manhattan that seems directly coming out from a Dystopian Cyberpunk Movie is nothing further than an NSA spyscraper.


Known as “Long Lines Building,” designed in 1974 by architect John Carl Warneke. Tube conditioned windows, high ceilings, massive iron and cement to resist heavy weight disposed over its floors.

This dark fortress was originally created to house AT&T’s carrier exchanges and datacenter processing. The building is able to survive nuclear fallout, and exist off-grid for up to two weeks without any minimal issue.

IT is used as a hub for NSA spying a mortar arm of the surveillance state( The Intercept), the fortified skyscraper was not only made to safeguard critical telecommunications equipment, a sort of fortress for the information age, it also houses equipment for controversial government data collection and wire tapping, codenamed TITANPOINTE.

The Brutalist architectural style does not let think of good things for commoners.



On September 17, 1991, management failure, power equipment failure, and human error combined to completely disable AT&T’s central office switch at 33 Thomas. As a result, over 5 million calls were blocked.

After the destruction of the World Trade Center in the September 11, 2001 attacks, AT&T Local Services restored lost facilities they acquired from the former Teleport Communications Group based there, to 33 Thomas and 811 10th Avenue.

The season finale of Mr. Robot season 2 features this building as a key plot element.


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