There to say that I don’t believe that the Holocaust happened,
so this simulation actually plays against our creed, but it’s worth to bring it again to light for the memory…



KZ Manager is the name of several Nazism and racism glorifying computer games. The original version of the game was programmed in the 80s for the Commodore 64, indicated in July 1989 by the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young ( BPjM ) and collected nationwide in November 1990. KZ Manager is an economic simulation game in which the player assumes the role of a manager in a concentration camp. Under the name KZ Manager Millennium a Windows version of the game does exist.

In addition to the C64 version of the game is available for other computer systems. A report by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which was written by Linda Rohrbough 1991, an Amiga version is described, which would have a very good visual quality as opposed to ” technically primitive” represented C64 version and the authors of the game would have knowledge of the computer game production.

In Germany, camp manager is often cited as a prime example of games that glorify Nazism and racism. This relationship extends from the entry in media such as tele- polis, the Rhein- Neckar-Zeitung, Die Zeit online to a description of the facts ” glorification of the Nazi ideology, racial hatred ” on the websites of BPjM.


KZ MANAGER features:

Dehumanization: Jews, Gypsies, and Turks are presented as “subhumans” to be murdered and enslaved.
Deadly Gas: You must buy it for your Gas Chambers.
Final Solution:You’re implementing it against the Jews, The Gypsies and/or the Turks.
Gas Chamber: Captain Obvious, given the setting: you must send there your inmates.
Human Resources: You buy your inmates.
The game use Müllberg, or “pile of garbage”, for describing the corpses of your inmates once you gas them.
Made a Slave: What happens to your inmates once you buy them.
Nazi Germany: Captain Obvious
PoW Camp: You run one.
Those Wacky Nazis: You play one.
Video Game Cruelty Potential: We are here way beyond mere potential, given the theme.
Villain Protagonist: You play a Nazi concentration camp director
Working on the Chain Gang: You can make the inmates work so that the money gained can be used to buy the lethal gas or pay for the cremation of the bodies.
You Lose at Zero Trust: If you don’t exterminate enough “subhumans”, public opinion will drop until you lose.

GERMANY - AUGUST 15: Video game: KZ - Manager ( manager of a concentration camp ), Screen showing cartoon of the game. (Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)

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