Wolves in the Night

Alexei Stepanov - Wolves in the Night - 1912
Alexei Stepanov – Wolves in the Night – 1912

Norway is planning to kill , read -exterminate- , more than two-thirds of its remaining wolves in what will be and may be named as well as a real -holocaust- for the dwindling members of the species in the wild.

Already we are seeing an alike thing with Norwegian citizens already decimated by crazy plans for the immigration allowed by the degenerate Government in charge since years.

About 68 wolves remaining in the wilderness areas of Norway, concentrated in the south-east of the country, 47 of these will be shot down without mercy.

frederic-remington-moonlight-wolf 1909
Frederic Remington – Moonlight Wolf , 1909

Adding to this disgrace the fact that one of the most popular sport in Norway is the hunt in the wild. Only this year 11,000 hunters applied for licenses to shoot 16 wolves.

This will be the biggest extermination in more than a century, in fact the number of wolves the government plans to kill this year is greater than in any year since 1911, and we shall reach someone in charge to have an answer on this although relying bit hope to have a concrete one.


A mass slaughter of wolves planned after a hundred years, and all because farmers are poor idiots unable to build proper defenses to their stupid sheeps.

If this will get done , as already it’s happening with Norway citizens , we shall give rights and credits to Anders Breivik for what he has done in July 2011, if this will get done then Anders was right about his own country out of any doubt , he was and he is right , as far as we know and we will know about Norway…



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