Point your IRC Client to irc.rizon.net – Channel: #WotansVolk

As requested by some twitter buddy get your mirc snapshots and have a quick idea how to use and connect your machine to I.R.C. , the #DailyStormer  Elite (irc.dailystormer.com ) are awaiting you 😉 :


Basically are the essential Option/Categories to set your IRC Client


IRC Servers list , edit or directly connect to the one desired.



In Perform panel you will write your login details after you will learn how to register/identify on an irc network.

mirc-4 mirc-5 mirc-6

You may connect using a proxy such as Tor.

mirc-7 mirc-8 mirc-9 mirc-10mirc-11

Various options.


and various basic protections.

mirc-13 mirc-14 mirc-15 mirc-16 mirc-17

As fast guide to get into an IRC connection is all for now.



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