Denial, an italian job

by KJ_Ovens and Flint_McLeane

Carlo Mattogno (Orvieto, 1951) is an Italian writer, regarded as the leading exponent of Holocaust denial in Italy.


According to biographies present in some holocaust deniers sites: Mattogno conducted advanced studies in Latin, greek, and Hebrew dealing with analysis and textual data.
Since the seventies, he started investigating the Holocaust, and since the beginning adhering to the negationist thesis:
In 1985, he published “The Myth of the Jewish extermination and the Gerstein Report: Anatomy of a fake” edited by “Sentinel of Italy”, an Italian radical right publishing house. Mattogno has almost always published his texts in Italy. In the same years, Mattogno has collaborated with an Italian radical right magazine named Orion, other works of Mattogno were instead published only on the Internet.
Mattogno has been a member since 1988 of Editorial Advisory Committee of the Institute for Historical Review, an association of Holocaust deniers, he has contributed to the quarterly magazine of the Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung, always openly to revisionist content, and since 1989 he has participated as a speaker at several international conferences in holocaust denial matter. Despite Mattogno is present in the guise of an ordinary historical researcher, he has never worked except with people, environments or negationist publications, including among others the well-known nationalist German-Canadian Ernst Zündel, who interviewed him after the publication of some of his essays.

In his many publications, Mattogno denies that the Nazis planned and carried out any extermination action, particularly against Jews and Gypsies: the camps were therefore mere places of concentration, transit, work or living, functional to a policy evacuation of certain categories of potentially dangerous people;
Mattogno asserts that the Germans wished only that Jews were able to emigrate from Germany once the war was over, and that the Jews themselves were the first to declare its opposition to the Nazi regime.

The Holocaust is nothing more than an enormous propaganda machination, born in the circles of the concentration camps at the hands of the Jewish Resistance cells, systematized later by the Soviets, imposed by all Allies at the end of the war thanks to the Nuremberg trials , which , he believes, were largely based on false or falsified evidences and testimonies and definitely accepted and further propagated by leftist historians and spread to main countries of the world. Avoiding any disagreement, the governments of several countries would also delegate a series of freedom-laws and courts of law with the task of bringing down a final tombstone on this issue. Based on this Mattogno thinks that the movement of worldwide revisionist is then an intended victim of this global conspiracy hatched against whoever would opposite and complain their so said confirmed and certified history.

Since the late seventies having he visited the former camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Stutthof, Dachau, Gusen, Mauthausen, Gross-Rosen, Buchenwald, Lublin-Majdanek, Plaszów, Belzec, Treblinka, the former ghetto of Terezin and Sobibor, and having consulted numerous archives, in his early works (1985-1995) Mattogno has focused its interest on the criticism of evidence relating to the extermination mode of the Jews via gas chambers, which, according to Mattogno, numerous contradictions and improbabilities vitiate the reliability of the whole schema. All the evidence relating to the extermination of Jews analyzed , whether it be testimonies of inmates or members of the Sonderkommando (the group of inmates who was supposed to work directly in the gas chambers and crematoria halls), whether it’s the testimony of the Germans who visited the fields and their mass extermination facilities or were directly employed in the execution of homicidal practices, would be false , according to Mattogno.

Since 1995, Mattogno attended the newly re-opened Moscow archives to scholars, in which he had an opportunity to examine a number of documents (about 90,000 pages) previously seized by the Soviets, among them they were particularly prominent in his later works, those relating to ” Zentralbauleitung “(” central Office for buildings “) at Auschwitz.

Flea and tick alert found on various Concentration Camps

One of his arguments is the physical demand impossibility of existing crematoria to eliminate the huge mass of bodies of prisoners killed in the so said extermination chambers, for technical and engineering type questions.

At the same time, they are considered physically impossible and even the cremation of corpses in mass graves in open fields was thrown like surrealistic. All the evidences that according to historians would bring to this effect, testimonial, documentary and photographic proof, have been analyzed and rejected by Mattogno.
Among the themes treated by Mattogno, it should be noted an essay in which he states that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion , fundamental antisemitic essay of the early twentieth century, used and touted by all the regimes and by most racist theorists, would not have meant to “attract the hatred against the Jews” and therefore would not have an anti-Semitic content. Extrapolating and decontextualizing Bible passages and/or other authors and citing comfort of their own case, on certain writings of his brother Gian Pio, Carlo Mattogno comes to state that the Jews would pursue a kind of “imperialism” in order to subjugate other peoples. In this framework, then would the Jews themselves are the cause of their evils.

The Institut für Zeitgeschichte (Institute for Contemporary History) of Monaco in an essay on the sources relating to Auschwitz included in its bibliography Mattogno’s study on Zentralbauleitung (Central Construction Office) of the field, having mentioned in a footnote page in the introduction of the book: this single quote is often reported by the Holocaust denial sites as “proof” of the veracity of Mattogno’s thesis.
German historian Ernst Nolte in his opera set Mattogno as a “serious scientist” because it considers that:
“Does not deny the reality of some execution of Jews or gypsies; doubts only its mass causality by a decision of state summit, therefore ordered by Hitler himself, and denies the technical possibility of the killings in the gas chambers or in other weird forms.”
(E. Nolte, Disputes: National Socialism, Bolshevism, the Jewish question in the history of the twentieth century, Corbaccio, Milan, 1999, p. 13.)
Even this statement is used by Holocaust deniers to reinforce the idea of the strong studies on the matter by Mattogno. It is to be noted that in another point of the same text, Nolte wrote:
“The argument that would never have been extermination measures taken against Jews, gypsies, Slavs and mentally ill must be judged in the same way the affirmation that Napoleon would never existed, and should therefore go unnoticed as the typical expression of a petty lunatic fringe, who that hate niggers wouldn’t wish their extermination but this comes hard and hardest to apply in reality of facts.”
(Ibid, p. 57.)
Even Jean-Claude Pressac, while radically denying the validity of the theories of Mattogno, recognizing the highest quality in the general writings of holocaust deniers.

English Soldier moving corpses into a mass grave

Carlo Mattogno, according to their own methods of denial, did argue with all the Shoah scholars of the Holocaust from him addressed and challenged, accusing them, among other of bad faith, amateurism, falsification of history, improvisation and ignorance.
An example of these disputes is that created by the doctoral thesis of semiotics of Valentina Pisanty (which later became a university professor), who underwent analysis distortionary methodology of texts and approach to the subject of study by Mattogno and many other Holocaust deniers.
In the same vein, Carlo Mattogno claims “(to be) the historical revisionism in Italy” and of having “thrown into consternation the gurus of the new Holocaust religion”, which, however, would require the world through a “new Inquisition of the Holocaust”.
The negationist theories edited by Mattogno never entered the circle of historiographical arguments about the Holocaust, but have been analyzed and challenged by some scholars as John C. Zimmerman or an Italian physician, Francesco Rotondi, who is a miserable idiot.



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