Heimdallr brings forth the gifts of the gods to the humans”, wall painting from 1907 by Nils Asplund in the auditorium of the University of Gothenburg.

Other paintings by Nils Asplung

Nils Asplund, born November 7, 1874 in Eskilstuna , died June 14, 1958 in Stockholm , Swedish artist.

Nils Asplund was the son of the builder Johan Gustav Asplund and Emilia Augusta Svalling. He studied at the Technical Academy in Stockholm 1891-94, at the Art Academy 1894-98 and then for Julius Kronberg 1898-1900. He made study trips to Germany, Italy, Paris, London, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Among his public works are altarpieces and ceiling decorations in Hallwyl Palace in Stockholm (1897). He also painted a number of school posters issued by P.A. Norstedt & Sons in the 1930s and 1940s. Metropol Palace cinema “Lyre” (inaugurated in 1927), he stood for 13 Pompeii-inspired figurative murals.

He was from around 1913 married Annie Ingeborg Larsson (1889-1980).They are buried in the family vault at Asplund’s North Cemetery in Stockholm.