Volunteer at refugee center : “I thought it was just right-wing propaganda. But it wasn’t.”


Remember The 14 Words

A German man who volunteered at a “refugee” center has discovered the truth about so-called “refugees”, and also that the mass media are trying to censor this information.
“My first thought was that we must help these people” he said in a video on Youtube. “I’m a humanist, and of the opinion that when someone is in need, he should be helped.”
“That’s why my first reflex was to be pro-refugee and to say that we must help all and everyone of them.”
“Then, I went to one of the refugee centers and joined a organization, in which I could do voluntary service.”
The man was assigned to help three “refugees”. The first one was a young man from Afghanistan, who wanted nothing to do with the German man.
The second was a 50 year-old Syrian man who had been in Germany for 10 years, but refused to get a…

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