Genie Energy – A Connection to 9 11 2001 and Beyond

Probably many of you never heard of Genie Energy Ltd. until today but it’s significant to discover who are the people that created and manage this Energy Company because they are somehow connected to a new world order built in the fog smoke that surrounded us at the beginning of the twenty-first century

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Il Super Computer Z3

Il primo computer digitale elettromeccanico programmabile completamente automatico al mondo fu il tedesco Z3 o V3 di Konrad Zuse.
E fu il primo elaboratore o computer a supportare una guerra transoceanica su scala planetaria.
Il primo computer con una bse primordiale di I.A. , Turing completo, come HAL9000 o il WOPR di Wargame, fu NatSoc, o NazionalSocialista.

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